Growing an Autumn Blaze Maple from a Branch

dawn30_2007July 5, 2010

I've got a beautiful Autumn Blaze Maple and heard that you could grow trees from the branches. Is this true and please how is it done (in detail)? I've got a common area that no one wants to take care of and we're allowed to plant in them. Instead of paying for trees, I would love to be able just to grow a few from my exisiting one.

Hope someone can help! Thanks

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Maples from cuttings is a specialist procedure, even in commercial practice grafting is more usual with named forms. Otherwise plants are raised from seeds, when duplication of specific named forms is not the goal.

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Not to mention it can also be patent infringement.

Maples are normally grafted or course but if you want detailed directions, search online for "how to take cuttings of plants" or "how to graft plants".
What you're going to find is that the expense, hassle and equipment/supplies you'll need to produce tree #1, is going to far exceed the $10 or so that it would cost to order a potted freeman maple from a mail order nursery or the $20 it would cost to buy one from big box garden centre and it will take weeks, if not months before you have a tiny twig with some roots growing out of it.

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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

You can grow a patented cultivar for PERSONAL use. It's covered under the fair use clause. In the case of Autumn Balze and the related Autumn Fantasy, they are very often grown from cuttings due to delayed graft incompatibility. However growing these from cuttings is a long tedious process that you will not want to do (search for it on Google and you will find it). I'm not going to outline it here (much to long), you can do the Google search and find it like I did. Lastly, not all trees can be propagated from cuttings.


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I didn't know that. A lot of the tags threaten you for duplicating.

I also never heard of the Autumn Balze cultivar.
I'm guessing that is a heavily seeding variety.

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Autumn Blaze is a sterile male hybrid.

I've never heard of a fair use clause that applies to patent law. The fair use doctrine that I am familiar with applies to copyright law, not patents.

Do you have any reference that you can point me to that gives more detail on fair use of patents?


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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

I don't have a reference, but have read this a couple times and made a mental note. As for the tags, what else would they say? As for what I have read a couple times, it was clear if you sold or even traded or in any way conveyed resultant plants beyond yours own use, then it would be a violation. Now as for the accuracy of what I've read a couple of times????????


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

'Fair Use' does not apply to plant patents. Nonetheless, rooting most maple branches is, as stated above, for the experienced.


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arbordave (SE MI)

"Autumn Blaze is a sterile male hybrid" - not true, Autumn Blaze will definitely produce seeds. I've grown seedlings from Autumn Blaze, and they turned out to be variable in fall color and form. (I planted some of the seedlings in a commons area, as a matter of fact).

Musicalperson makes a good point that Autumn Blaze are readily available and normally very reasonably priced. They are, however, becoming over-planted. Maybe consider several different species for diversity.

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