Nuttall vs. Shummard Oak

bogaskiJuly 2, 2009

Bought a new house and have a clean pallete with which to work. Trees are part of my plan. At my previous home I had plabnted both Shummard oaks as well as one Nutall Oak. The Nuttall was still young when I sold - 5 years old from a 5 gallon container grown. Yet, it had some very neat characteristics. It was one of the last trees to put on it's leaves. It had a beautiful fall color. It had a nice open branching pattern with a wider canopy that was great for fescue. Lastly, it did not hold onto it's leaves over winter like my Shummard or Sawtooth oaks. So, was that a unique tree? anyothers have similar expereinces? Which has a wider heighth to width ratio; shummard or Nuttall. Thanks George

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Some Oaks will drop their leaves and some wil lose them. Nutall Oaks are a variety that has a more complete leaf drop than the Shumard or the Sawtooth. Oddly enough, some people prefer trees that hold their dead leaves through the winter. Some people prefer a tree to lose them. There are even some tees that are attractive in the winter due to them hanging on to their foliage. A Beech tree looks amazing with it's copper colored leaves scattered around the Eastern deciduous woods.

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