September Gems

wieslaw59September 20, 2011

Some photoes shot on September 13th. Nearly all Heleniums have finished, and now the Helianthus is in the leading position.Most plants are yellow at this time.

Helianthus decapetalus Soleil d'Or is still holding on.

Helianthus Triomphe de Gand. Flowers much bigger than Capenoch Star. Needs a lot of water, or it will get mildew.

Delphinium Lanzentraeger. It was broken by the water hose, and sent a reblooming stalk. Selfsupporting in spite of its height.

Chrysanthemum Esther . Very hardy for me(6 years)

Heliopsis Asahi. This plant has catapulted to the top of my popularity list this year. The foliage is so clean and healthy so it almost looks artificial.

Echinacea Avalanche. Flowers worn down by the terrible storm 2 days in a row.

Rudbeckia laciniata Goldquelle. According to catalogues it should make 90 cm tall plant. But not for me. 75 cm at the best. Flowers long lasting.

Last six flowers on Lilium rosthornii.

Aster Umbellatus. The species is clumping, but its cultivar Weisser Schirm is a runner(thrown out!).Helianthus Carine in the background. I have a suspicion it will run. In any case it spreads faster than Lemon Queen.

My absolutely favourite Phlox Herbstwaltzer. It starts blooming in the beginning of September. I consider it my biggest discovery of the decade. It will replace my pink cultivars of Aster novi-angliae, which are mainly a mess(floppy and flowers open only in good weather, which is scarce). 1,2 m tall.

Artemisia lactiflora Edelweiss. A plant with a quiet charm. Needs a lot of water. Clumper.

Artemisia lactiflora Jane Russell. Nearly black stems.

Aconitum carmichaelli Royal Flush. Stands well.

Helianthus Bitter Chocolate. Smells of chocolate. The plant opens too much.

Aster glehnii Aglehnii. My absolutely favourite aster this year. 2 m tall, selfsupporting , magnificent.

Aster amellus Sonora . The tallest of A. amellus cultivars but best standing!!

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Wow! This is the first time I've responded to one of your posts, but your
photo collections are like having my own instant high-end gardening
magazine! After frantically copying down five of your latest listings,
I will now troll the internet and try to find out more about them, and IF
they are available on this side of the pond (sometimes a problem!). After
seeing so many glorious plants in your garden over the past few months,
one is tempted to assume you must have acres and acres of space. . .but
having seen a few Danish gardens, I suspect it is more likely relatively
compact (by U.S. standards) and just intensively planted. How I admire
that skill - not all that common here - and wish more folks would adopt
that style instead of all the endless, boring lawns we seem to favor !
Looking forward to seeing more of your garden. . .thanks for sharing. . .


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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Great pics, as usual ;-)

That Rudbeckia laciniata Goldquelle is sooo adorable. Never seen one quite like it before. Also loving your two white asters.

Your Delphinium is nice. I had some years ago but they always peter out over time. Do you find the same thing happens to them where you are? Or are they more reliable and live longer?
A treat! Thanks for sharing

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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

Very cool. You have quite the collection. Any idea on total number of different species/varities? On what size property?

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Coolplantsguy, my property is small, not much over 800 square meters(don't remember the ending), roughly 20 X 40 m (inclusive the house, car port, garden shed, chicken house with pens and greenhouse).I have no idea how many different species/varieties as it changes and I do not keep accounts.I only remember I have around 50 rhododendrons. Some plants die during winters and are being replaced by something else. My problem is a small property combined with a giant plant collecting mania (but I don't want to be cured). So my plants are planted close together and I do not have a real lawn. On the picture below, which was made 3-4 years ago, you can see that I only have grass paths(which are now even narrower)

Christinmk,Rudbeckia Goldquelle is an old variety and is actually identical to the old tall variety Hortensia, but without floppiness and running habit. It is a real autumn delight. I do not have problems with delphiniums (but the roots can be eaten during the winter by slugs). You can check if you can have more luck with sowing Delphinium elatum Foerster's hybrids. They are long lived for me.

Carl,thanks a lot for your lovely comment. Many Danes think perhaps they are Americans , as they only have lawns, with some random bushes(if at all). Young generation does not want to have anything to do with gardens. I have even seen an advert for artificial lawns! Myself, I usually buy plants from abroad, Germany , Poland, Austria, Holland, France, Belgium and England. The selection of perennials in Denmark is not that impressive.

Some more September beauties:

Aconitum carmichaelli Barker's variety. Doubtful identity, does not fit the description. More violet than others. From England.

Sanguisorba Stand Up Comedian. Very beautiful foliage on this one. The plant is standing up but only when young, up to 3 years. Older clump was lashed to the ground by rain/wind.

Rebloom on Thalictrum Splendide. From France.

Helianthus Simon Wiesenthal. It is shaded too much by a tree, so it leans 45 degrees. Very beautiful and healthy foliage. Flowers yellow, but totally different shade than others . From Austria.

Helenium Feuersiegel. The last helenium for me.

Rebloom on Helenium Eldorado(love that one):

Last flower on Meconopsis cambrica. Love them(I let them seed where they want)

Rebloom on Centaurea atropurpurea. Bought in Poland.

Cimicifuga James Compton. It is actually pinker than Pink Spike with me.

Aster amellus Blutendecke. Short 40 cm. Stands well.

Phlox Oktoberrot. The last Phlox to go this year- opened 2 days ago.

Rebloom on Astrantia Ruby Wedding

Aconitum carmichaelli. Not that bright blue as on the picture . A seedling here.


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I very much love those aconitums- such vivid
colors. Would you consider them fairly carefree?
I think my other favorite is the Echinacea "Avalanche " - there is something very beautiful to me about bright green centers!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Very nice photos and plants.
Do you do a lot of deadheading on your Goldquelle? Mine has just a few blooms left. Most of my heleniums were started from a seed mix so I don't know what variety they are. One is pretty much finished, the other two are sill going strong.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Thanks for posting more photos of your gardens. I enjoy seeing them and the comments that you make about how they grow for you.

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Crackingtheconcrete, I consider Aconitum carmichaelli the best of them all for garden use. Early blooming A.napellus cultivars can be hit be mildew or other fungi. But not this one.Foliage looks fresh for the whole season. Selfseeds easily if not deadheaded. The seedlings differ enourmously in height(from 0,5m to 2+m) and blooming time. I have several clones and they all bloom always in the same order.

Hostaholic, yes I remove old flowers(easy to do). With all this rain we are getting, the flowers just rot on the stems. As the plant is sterile, I do not know if deadheading actually promotes rebloom.

Mnwsgal, thanks for the comment.

Some more shots:

Aconitum carmichaelli Cloudy:

Rebloom on daylily First Knight (September 21st!!)(3 buds to go)

NOID Phlox, bought to be early orange. Proved to be late lavender(second last to bloom). It is actually the only mistaken identity that made me glad. And it is very healthy!

Daylily Hot Town(identity unsure)

Cimicifuga racemosa Atropurpurea. It attracts millions of insects, strong smell, like honning or something.

Phlox Orange Perfection. The camera doesn't show the proper colour. The name is not well chosen. It is actually purest red in my eyes.

Echinacea Hot Papaya. The only red who seems to have grown quite a deal. It requires support in the rain.

Chrysanthemum Rumpelstiltzchen. Very good and hardy .


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Thanks for info on phlox Herbstwaltzer.

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You're welcome. I have made a spelling mistake. It is actually spelled Phlox Herbstwalzer in German without the t. (translation is Autumn Waltzer I think)

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At last 2 days with sunshine. I was playing Ex-Terminator yesterday. Nearly all pink cultivars of Aster novi-angliae were shovel pruned. Either too floppy or too prone to mildew or both. All the plants starting with Barr's are gone. Not worth the space. I have kept a few(until furhter notice).

Aster novi-anliae Rudelsburg. The flowers are smaller than on Barr's, but the plant is standing up and does not make such a mess.

Aster novi-angliae Andeken an Paul Gerber. The best of them all . Vase-shaped plant standing stifly upright. Flowers small-ish, but many of them and the plant looks like it thrives.

Aster novi-angliae Martina Wolkonsky. Honestly , I can't see any difference between this one and Violetta. Neither of them is what I call a good plant. I already got rid of Violetta. Martina will be gone too as soon as I find something else in this colour.

I have two more on trials , but they haven't bloomed yet. Next year will be a judgement year for Aster novi-belgii. Of 7-8 varieties I bought to be selfsupporting and healthy(whatever it means), only 1 has kept the promise. I gave them 1 more chance.

Aster sedifolius Nanus. The plant opens a lot, possibly because of all this rain. The name Nanus is misleading. It grows more than 60 cm here.

Rebloom on Trollius ircuticus:

Chrysanthemum Rosetta. Advertised as very hardy. I will see. But looks very good.

Persicaria amplexicaulis Caliente. The closest to pure red(I got rid of the pinkish ones).

Here you can compare it to P.a. Dikke Floskes(the thick ones)

A clump shot of Aconitum carmichaellii. A seedling plant here. Pay attention how far down the stem it is budded. Did I get lucky or what? It will have enough to do for a long time.

continues later.

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Last shots from September

Aconitum carmichaelli Kelmscott. The tallest and latest of named cultivars. Selfsupporting. Here with Helianthus Loddon Gold. Loddon Gold is lower than Soleil d'Or and the flowers are slightly smaller, but otherwise identical.

Aconitum carmichaelli The Grim Reaper. Short. Here with Rudbeckia laciniata Goldquelle

Aconitum seoulense. For collectors. Less spectacular than A.carmichaelli. But it stands well in shade and the foliage looks like that of the oak trees.

Helianthus , bought as Capenoch Star. I can't see any difference between this one and Morgensonne. A good plant anyway.

Aster X frikartii Wunder von Stäfa. Marginally hardy for me. One division died this winter, but 3 survived. Extremely useful and beautiful plant. It must be planted in full sun, then it stands up well. I have found out that the only difference between this one and Mönch is , that Wunder can stand up, and Mönch cannot. So Mönch was sent out to the compost pile.

I have found another Meconopsis cambrica still blooming

Rebloom on Campanula lactiflora Superba. Another variety , Pritchard's variety, is less hardy and got nailed by the winter.The whole clump sent only two shoots, I do not know if it comes back next year.

Helianthus Lemon Queen. A very good plant.

Another Meconopsis cambrica. Isn't it charming?

Hosta Fragrant Bouquet. After 4 years of leaves, it surprised me with flowers, opened September the 30th! It does smell nicely of lilacs.

Aster Pink Star. Described as running in good conditions. Not for me. A very polite and healthy plant. Many small pink stars on nicely standing up plant.

Helianthus Happy Days, semidouble. I put some champignon compost around it this year, and it literally doubled its height.

Last bloom on Leucanthemum Manhattan. Very useful plant because of its late blooming time, from August on. It expands fast, but does not send those ugly runners as Becky did(thrown out!). Up to 1,5 m tall with wide branching, but standing up in normal situations.

Aster amellus Sternkugel. Many small dainty flowers on robust plant.

Chrysanthemum Citronella. The best yellow for me. Survived 2 killer winters without protection. Selfsupporting.

Liatris scariosa alba. The only Liatris alive with me. All the others were eaten by rodents.

A butterfly

The only healthy and selfsupporting Aster novi-belgii. Unfortunately I have found that identity is mistaken(does not fit to any description and picture). But look at this foliage!

This is foliage on Veronicastrum virginicum album, nearly 2 months after the blooming. Does it look good or what?

Eupatorium Chocolate. It made flower buds, but I doubt it will bloom. It rarely does.

Rudbeckia subtomentosa Henry Eilers'. Robust and healthy plant with zero garden visibility. Anybody want it? You can get it.

Sedum Postman's Pride. A very good plant for me. I do not understand the bad reviews in English trials. They always write the opposite what really happens. Do not believe in them.

Daylily Baronet's Badge. Very late this year

A clump shot of Aster novi-angliae Andeken an Paul Gerber.

Aster glehnii Aglehnii in combination with Aconitum carmichaelli and Phlox Hera. Beautiful and big flowers on Hera, but the plant is floppy. It will be replaced with something

I hope you enjoy the pictures. There will be much less to talk about in October.

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I have identified the Aster novi-belgii cultivar I posted before without a name . It is Gewittersturm. It is good.

The burned orange daylily is Secret Spice. For those who need an extra late blooming daylily.

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As always...outstanding photos and thank you for providing ID for each plant.

I too have Aster frikartii 'M�nch'. I planted it just this past July and it was an outstanding performer even in its first year ie flower upon flower up until a couple of weeks ago. I do hope it survives the winter.

I am curious as to your fall routine for "Lemon Queen". Do you cut it back from a very high 6 feet to...?? Does it self seed?

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Rouge, I have not experienced selfseeding from Lemon Queen because I cut it down. It is totally hardy for me, so I cut it totally down when the leaves turn brown. But you can let them stay until spring. The stems will collect some leaves and such, which will offer some protection from the worst frosts.

Aster X frikartii Monch has two dots above the letter o in original spelling. I was not aware that it will be trasformed into such a strange sign combination. LOL

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