I.D. This Crape Please

markjg(7)July 9, 2014

Hello, I bought two crape myrtles from HD they weren't named and they were about 29 bucks. So yeah I haven't a clue what I've got. The one I'm here to ask about is this one I transplanted into a larger plastic pot that I had from another tree.
It hasn't produced any buds though the other crape which is a different (unknown) species has.
It has new upright purple growth.
It's leaves are more rounded and oval than some longer crape leaves.
It has two trunks, one half wraps around the other at the base, it's pretty cool.
Is it going to be a scrub?
I like the way it looks either way. I may grow it in the planter for awhile longer.

You guys rock! I'm digging the forum!
P.s. These pics are from when I first transplanted it. I can post better pics this afternoon.

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The lower leafs look more oval

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Well it's only wild speculation since it's not in bloom, but I think Home Depot used to sell both Pink Velour (hot pink flower) and Burgundy Cotton (white flower). Both have burgundy new foliage. So it could be one of those...or something else entirely!

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Thanks for the reply Dave. That's pointed me in a good direction.

Here's the other one I bought. It's grown over a foot since I planted it in late May or early June. Also, on a tree like this does the trunk continue to grow taller or at this point it's just the branch that will be getting taller?
It's ready to explode! Want to make a guess what color the bloom will be? ;)

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Close up

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That is what is great about buying something from HD and it isn't blooming yet.
You get pot luck.
You never know what you are going to get. LOL
Your myrtles look really good, you are taking good care of them.
Enjoy the pretty flowers, whatever color they are.

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Thanks Butterfly4U,
I'm still a noob but I sort of knew what I was getting into buying the two unknowns from HD. That's why I've kept one potted ;)
The planted tree has begun to bloom today and it's pink! That's cool because my neighbor planted a white one last year, now I know I have one pink, and I planted a red rocket that I bought from Homestead Gardens which was much more expensive than these HD crapes. It will all look nice next year once they're all over the fence line. I'm hoping that this pink one will grow to 15 or so

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