Winter Sowing Salvia's?

ladyrose65February 19, 2014

I know I've asked this before. I sowed a lot of seeds last season only to have 1 Lady-n-Red Coccinea to sprout. I sowed them 04/14/13 in an Aluminum pan in the warmest spot I have in the back. I laid the seeds on top, did not cover.

Terrene, was darling and sent me some seeds. I would like to try again. Taking any suggestions.

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I've WS salvias with fairly decent success. I know most won't sprout until it warms up. I do mine usually in late April. I don't cover mine either, but press them in so they are in contact with the soil. I also spritz them with water every once in awhile.
I know some people who soak them first overnight before planting. I haven't done that, because I've had pretty good success without doing that.
They are sporadic germinating for me.
I also make sure there is at least 3-4 inches of soil.

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I find I get a higher germination rate when I plant salvias after the weather warms up and there is no danger of frost.

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I also had better success when waiting for warmer weather. I tried WS Salvia lady in red and nothing germinated. Using the same batch of seeds and also in milk jugs, I had a very high germination rate when I tried later in the spring. I think it was about 4 weeks before planting out. The small seedlings took off quickly once they were in the ground.

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terrene(5b MA)

Hi Lady, I've started a few Salvias from seed. This year I plan on sowing Salvia coccinea, S. guaranitica, and Yvonne's. No need for cold stratification with these particular seeds, so I usually sow them in late March or early April, but I've had them sprout when winter-sown too.

Cover lightly with soil, and keep moist. They sprout somewhat sporadically. Sometimes the S. coccinea sprouts abundantly like a little forest!

Be vigilant about slugs. They LOVE Salvia seedlings and have even come up into my containers and munched the little sprouts. I usually sprinkle some Sluggo or Escargo around the seedlings, the organic iron phosphate slug bait. It works good!

Here's a pic of the seedlings from the first year I ws'd Yvonne's Salvia in 2008. This was taken on May 27 so they don't put on a lot of size here till it warms up in summer -

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Thank You All. I will wait until May.

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

love that picture!
reminds me that spring will come.
which I need reminding me of, as today has a high of 20 degrees!

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

I can say for certain the Salvia coccinea 'Lady in Red' does love the heat so if winter sown, it may not be among the earliest to germinate. They now reseed for me and don't come up until the soil is quite warm. Hummers and butterflies love the blooms.


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Thanks Mary

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I got Salvia sprouts in two containers from last year's WSing. I cut the tops off and left them in the open elements during Fall and Winter. I even got more penstomen's and Lobelia Cardinalis sprouts.

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terrene(5b MA)

Congrats on getting some sprouts. I haven't even started sowing the Salvia seeds yet, but am thinking it's time to get going. It's finally warming up and Spring has arrived.

Lobelia cardinalis reseeds for me every year, usually in the garden paths. I haven't had to winter-sow those since 2009!

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Well, I guess patience paid off! I have some clematis I didn't toss from last year. Maybe there's still hope.

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