Rose Rosette Disease

Fleur_1July 12, 2014

Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and just started my rose garden recently. Yesterday, I read an article online about RRD on knock out roses. The article alarmed me and thought about my one knock out rose planted by my father-in-law last year. I posted photos. Could these be signs of RRD? Any input would help. Thank you very much. Happy gardening!

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More photos.

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Here's another photo. Thanks!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Looks like a super healthy rose to me. New growth on many roses starts out red--I think it is beautiful.

Now if you start getting ugly, distorted growth, that may be a concern. Just show us a pic of it, and we will do our best to diagnose it--OK? Until then, don't panic. : )

By the way, Knock Outs are no more susceptible to Rose Rosette Disease than are any other rose--as I just posted on another thread. Evidently there is a new article online that is sending a number of new Knock Out rose gardeners into a panic just now. Keep an eye out, but your Knock Out may live for years without getting RRD.


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Hi Kate,

Thank you so much for giving me a peace of mind. I was very concerned since I planted quite a few roses in my garden and I will be very disappointed with the thought of having to dig them up. I will keep an eye on it and keep the forum posted. I really appreciate your information on this. Thank you very much and happy gardening!


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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Looks good to me also. Bottom leaves are smooth, symmetrical and turning green. It's also budding on top before sending out side branches. Enjoy your bushes and check them often.

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Thank you so much for all the wonderful and helpful inputs. Happy gardening.

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