Blue spruce not looking good, pest damage?

gbig2(6)July 27, 2014

Whatever is happening to it is spreading fast. Just last week it was only a small part of the tree, now it's the whole thing. Is this insect damage? What should I do? Really appreciate the help, thanks.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

see link ...

its a conifer.. and there is a conifer.. ONLY... if you want to learn more about conifers...

you will get no better answer there ... on this topic ...

i would probably get rid of the tree.. rather than spending hundreds of dollars on having it sprayed ... but then.. i dont know much about the plant ...


ps: the neighbor spent hundreds on the sprays.. it didnt save the tree ...

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Probably getting eaten by those little caterpillars that ate half mine in a week.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Have to agree with Ken 100%.


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Jalcon, while I am not attributing the original poster's condition to them, by any chance are the 'little caterpillars' you mentioned bag worms?

I'd dealt with bag worms before, with arborvitae (where they can be a fast track to desolation), but last year, I discovered they can attack Colorado blue spruce, too.


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Did some research. They were in fact readheaded pine sawfly larvae.

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Thanks for the replies. I sent this picture to a local arborist and he says he thinks its bag worms. So I'm going to spray Sevin. I've had bag worms before but never like this where they cover the whole tree. If I had taken a closer up picture you'd be able to see the little bag worms hanging all over the tree.

Thanks again

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