Hole in Apple Tree Branch

MyAvatarJuly 12, 2014

I have a hole that is getting large and larger in the branch of my apple tree and I am wonder the best course of action to do. I've done a fair bit of reading and research, and I know most say to just do nothing. But my fear is it is going to weaken the branch and it will break soon. It i an upward facing hole, and easily collects water, which will continue the rot. I am also worried that if I trim the branch back to where the hole is located, it will make the tree unbalanced. Suggestions?



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A another close up of the hole.

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And the shape of the over-all tree. The hole is on the right side (see the blue circle)m

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There is nothing to do about it. It is probably caused by a fungus called " Nectria galligena" or some species related to that. It can't be healed, but the tree can live with it for many years.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i dont care what the result is called... that is a 10 to 20 year old injury.. probably from improper pruning ...

and i suspect the interior of the branch is entirely rotted ..

that entire branch should be removed at the trunk.. way down low ...

there is a fruit forum ... they might do things differently that a tree guy ...

i do not doubt hug... but getting rid of the fungus.. will not recreate dead wood in the interior.. of which mushrooms.. fungus.. live on ..


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From my inspection, it does appear that the interior of the branch is entirely rotted.

And for the record, we just purchased the property about a year ago. The tree was very over-grown and had not been properly pruned in years. We saw the knot at the time, but did not see the rot. Either the kids, or animals later dug it out,which is when we noticed the rot.

When should I cut this branch off? Should I wait till later in the fall and do it?



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If it were mine (and I do grow apple trees) any limb that diseased is fair game any time you can safely get to it. It would already be on the woodpile. ;-) The sooner it is gone the quicker the crown will compensate and attain a more balanced shape.

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