Oak trees dropping teeny acorns prematurely

grossepointe(6)July 27, 2014

Hi - I'm wondering if this is abnormal, or possibly a result of the previous winter - just like my hydrangeas having no buds this year. My oaks are dropping teeny tiny acorns right now - my lawn and driveway are covered. Anyone else experiencing this or know why this is happening? I can only assume I will have no fully developed acorns in September - the cleanup will certainly be easier, but hope this is not a sign of tree damage. I can't imagine the trees are stressed - we've had plenty of rain, snow melt from the winter and current mild temps. I'm located in Southeast Michigan.
Many thanks!

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They might not have been pollinated. Sometimes the weather makes it hard for pollen to blow around, damp, rainy, and the female flowers don't all get pollinated. These ones fall off, just as you say. A few might have been fertilized and those ones will make full sized acorns. Sometimes a tree sets too may acorns too, and aborts a portion of them to lighten the load.

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beng(z6 western MD)

Not to worry -- small acorns are often aborted.

My 55' black cherry forms oodles of cherries, only to have almost all fall off halfway thru the season.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

here in adrian MI ... if you are that GP ...

we are in week 4 of serious drought.. and that isnt helping the extremely long cold spring [during pollination time] .. on top of the harsh winter ...

so, to say.. what is the cause.. is near impossible ...


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I've seen some "buttons" on my oaks before, only a few, which never turned into acorns. I haven't seen them on the ground, but still green, in the canopy. Never turned to mature acorns. They were red oaks, Pins always red oak family oaks.

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