Please help id - 3 types of leaves

lmich9July 21, 2014

I would like to know what sort of tree this is out of curiosity. It's close to my garage so I will dig it up when I get to it. It has 3 different shaped leaves. Google kept coming up with sassafrass or mulberry but I don't think it's either of those. It doesn't have any berries. I don't think it's two grafted together because there is another shoot across my yard with the same leaves.


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Close up of leaves

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Almost certainly Mulberry.

Regardless of your pruning, the shape of the plant is quite unlike Sassafras.

Sassafras and Mulberry are so completely unrelated that grafting wouldn't be possible anyway.

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@smivies I ruled out mulberry because the results I saw all said they had berries. In my 3 years at this house I've never seen berries on the tree. Answer still stand?

They are common and nothing special, no? I have ripped out a few plantings from the PO and lived to regret doing so. Due to its position I hadn't intended to take any care in digging it out but if it is worth saving I would probably try and give it away on craigslist.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

Male mulberries have no fruit. Regardless, still looks like one, and definitely is very much too close to the foundation!

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what horster said. This mulberry was brought to this country during the Colonial Era with the hopes of starting up a silk industry. Now it is a permanent weed and spreads a disease that kills off our native mulberry and pollutes its gene pool.
Pull it out, every bit of it and into the compost pile.

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@lmich9 - No fruit doesn't mean much...Mulberry can be dioecious (male OR female plants) or monoecious (flowers of both sexes on the same plant). Looks like you have at least one male.

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