River birch help

jhoussockJuly 1, 2014

I just planted a balled and burlaped three trunk river birch two of three trunks seem to be doing ok but one of them and a branch in the same location from a different trunk are dropping leaves. It happens very quickly and it's only about half of the limb very small growth and buds close to the trunk are still green. I've attached pictures. There is hardly any yellowing the just dry to dry in a days time. The are it is in is a moist area and gets irrigated for the lawn daily. It gets sun from morning until about 2 then it's shaded. Does it need more/ less water? I haven't seen any info online for the rapid brown leaves only yellow than dropping. Any help would he great.

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This is what the inner branches of the ones that have dried look like as stated earlier it's the outer half that has dried. I haven't noticed if these buds and leaves are actually growing just know their staying green

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

lets see a pic of the whole plant...

how huge is this thing

ball and burlap

professionally installed??? .. if so.. what does your pro say

amended planting hole???

native soil type??? ..

one way or another.. its transplant shock.. probably improper watering.. see link in that regard ...

lawn irrigation is completely insufficient for a large tree transplant... is the entire root mass planted.. moist ... if not.. its dying of thirst... dig a hole next to where the root ball is.. and FIND OUT.... guessing leads to dead trees ...

you missed proper planting time by at least 2 to 3 months ... so though it can still be done.. its very complicated by the high heat of summer ..

it has absolutely nothing to do with disease or bugs... unless you bought an infested tree.. which i doubt ...

if you perfect watering.... it should releaf ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the mulch is too high... remove such from touching the bark .. and enough soil.. to expose the root flare ...

this had nothing to do with your current problems.. this is to avoid future problems...


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My soil is sandy and then clay I mixed the soil 5050 with a soil called leaf grow that my nursery recommended. I used a tree top soil for the top three inches and then about two inches mulch. As for the water. This side of my house stays very moist hence the choice of tree. I would be shocked if it's to dry. But I will dig a whole to double check. Also ph is fine. Here is the whole tree picture. The section if concern is on the right side. How far should I unbury it around the trunk? Don't know what that root terminology meant.

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Ok so I have unburied to the root flare and I measured the moisture with a moisture meter and the first inch or two read back dry ( 98 degrees here today) but over that was high end of moist in spots and wet in most areas. So If anything I'm guessing a drainage problem? Looking at the pictures am I being too paranoid for such a new tree? This is the third one I tried here the rest being trees that didn't tolerate water so I just want to make sure I'm not wasting another purchase. Again the new growth near the trunk of the dead branches have stayed green thus far, it's just the outer half of the branches in the right side. Any advice?

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