35 bags and counting

doowad(z6 MO)November 3, 2011

I'm singing the old Johnny Cash song, three feet high and rising, but about my compost bags, 35 bags and counting! I "should" have enough for my purposes (i.e. winter mulch), but browns are so hard to come by in the summer time, I will keep hoarding as I see good bags full of "brown gold" (as Dick Raymond used to say). Though I hesitate to call us hoarders, it may look like it at this time of year when I am stacking bags up before frost. But as soon as I put my flower beds to rest, those leaves will be put to good use. Then shredded in the spring for better than best browns to kick-start the compost pile. So no question here, just celebrating the blackness of my compost!

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Pictures, must have pictures.



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jugglerguy(z4-5 MI)

I didn't count mine, but I got about eight trailers full of bags, plus a few bags from a neighbor, plus a trailer of chopped, unbagged leaves from a friend. I had five bags full of empty bags when I was done. You can never have enough leaves.

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Lloyd.... I take it you didnt get Playboy for the "stories"....lol

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