What is wrong with this Cherry Tree

waterwise999July 11, 2014

Hi, this is my first tree but it had some problems with it so I appreciate if I can get any helps. I have been looking for answer for a more than a month now but couldn't solve it.

This is a low-chill Mini Royal Cherry I planted in late February this year in San Francisco where temperature is very mild. There is no rainfall from May to October. Last month I noticed that the tree stopped growing and I spotted that the most new shoots were wilted (see picture). There are multiple brown spots on some leaves. The closest problem I found was Cherry Leaf Spot but its symptom doesn't not include wilted shoots. What I'm afraid the most is Verticillium Wilt. I started spraying baking soda yesterday as you can see the white spots on leaves. What should I do?

Thanks in advance for any helps.

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Here's another picture.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i highly recommend you visit the fruit pros in the fruit forum ...

trees do not grow endlessly all year long ... that part doesnt bother me in the least ...

and neither does a little leaf damage ... but i dont do fruit.. and that is why you need them ...

as a new transplant.. i would wonder if you have perfected watering .... that can be addressed by both tree and fruit peeps ..

i hope you didnt forget to mention.. if it was potted ...


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It's not potted. thanks for your suggestion.

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Not Verticillium wilt. But cherries, both fruiting and ornamental, are prone to a whole host of fungal and bacterial problems, especially in damp climates. And the Bay area can be pretty damp at least part of the year with fog and rain.

I see nothing overtly problematic in the photos provided. You might want to post another of the tree overall that might be more illustrative. btw, no need to post elsewhere - the issues with a fruiting cherry are no different from those without fruit (or "flowering" cherry), with the exception of fruit development........and that does not seem to be an issue here :-))

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Here's a picture of the over three. It's a fruiting tree. What's troubling me the most is all the new shoots were wilted. I'm going to post another photo that shows a newest wilted leaf. I was so glad to see a new leaf as it shows live. But this infant leaf quickly wilted.

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wilted infant leaf.

Thanks for any helps.

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Actually, I think the tree looks good. I have noticed this happening this year on a few of my young peach trees, who otherwise look very healthy. At first I was wondering about fireblight, but peaches do not get fireblight. It looks to me that the other buds are nice and plump and at this point in time, I would not be exceptionally worried about a rare death of a leaf, unless you see it becoming more widespread.

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