Rose not flowered for a year

angel-faceJuly 8, 2014

I had planted a double delight/ bellaroma almost a year back in a container. I bought the rose from a local nursery. It had 3 canes then, and 1 flower. Since then, it has branched but not flowered. I have been fertilising it with a rose feed i use for my other roses. For a year it did not bear even a tiny bud. Only dead ends. Recently, it bore a tiny bud, which dropped soon, at around 2 mm size. This happened thrice, despite good watering, trimming and feed. The container size is good, good soil. I dont know what the problem is... No pests on it. I live in India, so enough warmth for the plant. ..... I have noticed that some of the leaves have fused leaflets.... No idea if there is any connection...

Should I keep this plant or replace? My other HTs, younger ones, have borne many flowers with the same care. Please help.

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I had planted it in Dec last year... just checked the date. Still it feels too long.

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seil zone 6b MI

Maybe too much warmth? If it's been very hot find a way to give it some shade during the hottest part of the day. Put a chair over it if possible on anything that will shade it a bit. Also if it's very hot back off on the fertilizer and give it more water. Fertilizer can burn roses in high heat and extra water will help flush it out.

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Thanks Seil. I was wondering whether it is suffering from some viral infection... My other roses are doing very well in similar conditions!!!!!!!!! Its latest shoot has borne a bud that is less than 1 mm today. I hope this one does well. Its raining here these days and is not hot or scorching. And quite humid too... If the problem was with the heat, then this new bud should do well. By the way, another shoot that came up along with this one seems to have a blind end!

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seil zone 6b MI

Every rose is different and I've learned not to compare them to each other. They each have their own growth habits and rates. For blind shoots I just pinch back the tip and let it start to re-grow again. That usually gets them to set a bed.

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rross(NSW Aust)

I'm in Sydney, which gets very hot and steamy in Summer. My potted Angel Face plant used to fry in full sun, and hardly flowered till I moved it to a spot with afternoon shade. It's much happier now and a dependable bloomer, though still young.


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Thanks rross.
It not sunny anymore here for the last 3 weeks. I hope this helps my rose.

I was worried about the fused leaflets.... Hope its not some virus! Do you see it with Bellaroma/ Love & peace? I've heard of blind shoots with these 2 roses... but fused leaflets???? And many of them, on different branches!!! I wonder what that means.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Can you share photos of the leaves?

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