Jacaranda growth rate?

ca_jeffJuly 3, 2007

Hi, Can anyone tell me the average growth rate of a purple jacaranda? they really thrive in Long Beach (where I live). I really like the shape of tree, and are aware of the cleanup downside of the tree.

I would like to plant one in my front yard, but would like to get an idea of the growth rate and what a realistic mature height/spread I should anticipate in zone 10.


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treeguy123(AL 7b)

The most popular is Jacaranda mimosifolia which is called Blue Jacaranda, more often known simply as the "Jacaranda"
It grows to a height of 40 to 50 feet and grows a Spread of 50 to 60 feet.

It grows fast usually 3 to 4 feet a year (if the soil is kept moderately moist most of the year. Dry condition will slow it down and it will not do as good) It might could even grow around 5 feet a year if the soil is rich, moist, and well drained. It is adaptable to many soil conditions even poor sandy soils but will not grow in an area of poor draining swampy soil. And it doesn't like salt.
The wood of the jacaranda tends to be brittle so be sure to train it to have one central trunk and major limbs well-spaced apart for street tree and other high-use areas. Unpruned side branches that grow almost straight up can become hazardous as they can split off the trunk at the crotches (base of the branch where it meets the trunk).

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