My second msg. Patterns on leaves?

andrearkJuly 30, 2014

These leaves are from my Peace rose. They are NOT rusted What is this dotted pattern?


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jerijen(Zone 10)

Sorry, Andrea -- I really cannot see the marks clearly enough to say what they are. Any possibility that you could make a high-resolution scan of the leaves, using a flatbed scanner?

Regardless, these leaves look to me to be old leaves, ready to fall.

How is the plant in general? How is the foliage in general?


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Thanks for answering Jeri. Don't have a scanner but this is a very clear photo. The dots are dark brown and green. No rust on the underside.

Did you see my post about PJP. Could this happen in 2 days just because of the high heat and sunshine?

Thanks again,


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I believe it is just part of the extreme water transpiration due to the excessive heat and intense UV we're experiencing, Andrea. I'm seeing it all over and it isn't rust. In several cases, it impresses me as salt damage. The salt from the city water being concentrated and trapped when the water in the leaf is expelled quickly to cool the leaf. My foliage doesn't have water droplets on it when the sun hits it, so it isn't burn due to water droplets in sun light. I do see if more on the older, lower leaves and it isn't "rusty" on them, either. And, I'm seeing it on both potted and in-ground plants. Kim

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Thanks again both of you. I HATE THIS D______ED HEAT!!!
(Probably not as much as my babies do.) PJP has been the
most beautiful and best flowering and fragrant rose. Now he's a burned out mess.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

Don't worry. He'll recover!

I'm so used to that pattern of salts in my foliage here, I almost don't see it anymore. It's what happens when a garden is irrigated by water like ours here, and there is no rain.

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