Ways to get tree cuttings to root with out root stimulator

gardenapprenticeJuly 18, 2012

I'm trying to grow a tree from a cutting. The cuttings are Crape Myrtles, Dogwood, and Birch. They were all planted this spring. I just freshly cutted some semi-hard wood cuttings from each tree, I just need to know if there are other easy ways to make my cuttings root without buying root stimulant

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Try making some willow water.

Here is a link that might be useful: homemade plant rooting hormone

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also the dogwood tree cutting has formed its buds, can i still grow it? I could really use ken's advice/help

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what you ought to do.. is google something like :

dogwood propagation .. and then CM propagation .. and then birch prop ...

and/or.. get Dirr's manual for woody propagation ...

TIMING is very important.. on a lot of this stuff.. and i dont know if you are close on that.. and i do not ever recall that birch are rootable.. but to be honest.. i cant ever recall discussing such.. lol ...

you might also want to look in 'air layering'

good luck


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ok, will do ken. Still puzzled at air layering

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Rooting hormones are a relatively inexpensive way to increase your chances. I can't see why you would want to avoid using them.
I went the whole route. Bottom heat, a mist system on a timer, all under lath and shade cloth. Oh yes, and a rooting hormone. I successfully propagated hundreds of shrubs and trees.
You should check out the GardenWeb Plant Propagation Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant propagation.

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