old oak tree question

apiltz23July 25, 2014

i have an oak tree in my yard that is massive. two people have to wrap their arms around it to be able to touch fingers. it has only developed maybe 40-50% of its leaves this year in michigan. we just bought the house and there are some trees growing underneath it, which i plan to remove, as well as a grapevine variety that is attacking the nearby trees. i plan on removing that as well.
i do not notice any sap running or fungus or bugs or anything out of the ordinary around the tree except for other trees.
does anyone know what might be causing the lack of leaves? some branches appear dead but other appear to look semi-normal. also, do tree removal places usually have knowledge about sick trees or do they just remove them?
thank you so much.
i have first time home buyer ignorance,please help!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

with 50% of the canopy dead.. its dying ... how long it takes.. in tree years.. is unknown ...

all dead stuff has to be removed.. and by that time... and cost.. you may as well remove it all ..

yes.. its shocking ... welcome to home ownership ...

it really doesnt matter why ... but if you want to find out.. you can hire a certified arborist to come and tell you why ...

but you will still have to remove all hanging dead stuff... especially if it is overhanging your house .. or your neighbor.. whether you like them or not ...

though we had a horrible MI winter.. none of my 20 oaks of various ages were affected ...

you might want to ID and save some of the other trees as replacements for this one... dont make the mistake in getting rid of what might be quality trees.. already on the property ... but do get rid of weed trees ....

and if your words failed.. as to what you mean by 50% not sprouting.. get us some pix ...


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tenacre(Z5 SW MI)

Could you post some sharply-focused pictures?

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I would wait and see it next year before removal. Maybe there was a bad infestation of Japanese beetles or cattipilars. The arborist thing is good advice, but some may be more professional than others. If they want to chop it down, but you aren't shown any proof of a serious issue, use your judgement. Maybe those trees under it are shading it?

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