Coir Mulch Block?

bodiCA(9/N.CA)July 25, 2008

Have you tried The Original Mulch Block made of coir? I have been spreading for months and am pleased to see, so far, it has retained it's color. I really love chocolate hull mulch, but with it came my only experience with fungus gnats. Not wanting to go through that EVER again, can you tell me if coir can cause the same problem or if because it can't 'crust over', not to worry? Is coir less prone to fire than redwood or cedar? Do they loose moisture at the same or different rates?

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jont1(Midwest 5b/6a)

I have used coconut coir many times mainly for rooting cuttings of roses. The coir doesn't cause the cutting to develop mold like using regular potting soil and some other types of planting medium.
It really works well.
I have never used it when potting bareroots or budded maidens or bands. I only use professional grade potting soil I get at my local nursery. It is kind of expensive at
$21 for a big bag of it, but it quickly makes up for the cost when it helps new plants live and thrive better and even can make the difference in life or death of the plant altogether.

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piper101(Z 9b So.Calif)

HMMM,,,just be careful with coconut products. I know cocomulch will kill dogs if ingested so I wonder about the coir since that is also a coconut product (great for outdoor mats). Sorry to interupt but thought I'd put that out there....

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Cocomulch that kills dogs are made of the husk of cocoa. coir mulch is made of coconut husks and are not eaten by dogs

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I am pleased to report, all of the coir I spread still looks as beautiful as when first exposed. No fungus gnats, no crusting or mold, this is the perfect mulch for my garden. It protect and covers, looks wonderful and all my plants seem to love it, some ground covers even root into the fibers. Please save our peat and try coir instead.

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