Why are my crape myrtle flowers drying as soon as they bloom?

needinfo001July 30, 2014

I got some crape myrtles for home depot.
They had buds, but no flowers when i got them 2 weeks ago. They are now starting to bloom. When the flower comes in it will dry up the next day. why is this happening.
On one of the plants the bud will start to flower and dry up before it has bloomed all the way.

Please advise.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

did you plant them ... properly??

water properly..

do any root surgery???

buy them from a shade house.. and put them in full blistering july sun???

you havent given us many facts.. other than you bought them.. and they are trying to flower


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I planted them in the ground as soon as i got them.
I have not watered them for a few days.
I might need to water them tonight. They are in full sun, but my understanding is that they like full sun and wont bloom without it.

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"Established" crape myrtles like full sun and heat, but those just put into the ground at the height of summer heat will go into shock, esp. without proper watering (Ken will tell you how, he loves doing that lol). You might even rig something up to give them some shade during the middle of the day for the next several weeks and water the root zone deeply. Speaking of zones, what zone (or area of the country) are you in?

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Im in arkansas,
I think it is 7b.

I see crapes on my way to work everyday and they are so beautiful and full of blooms.
Many neighbors also have them.
I had to get some for myself.

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Yeah, they are stars for blooming all summer but you have to take care of freshly planted ones so they can settle in and get established. Can you post a pic or two of yours, the whole tree and also the trunk where it meets the ground? It'll be helpful to see the shape they're in and possibly if planted properly.

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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

FTR, USDA zones for Arkansas range from 6b (far north) to 8a (southeast third). As for your CM, they need watered deeply every few days probable until mid September. Proper planting is more than just sticking them in the ground. Did you read the tag for planting instructions? Still water properly and they will probable survive unless in a very wet spot.


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