How Are Your New Heirloom Purchases Doing?

tare(zone5b)July 27, 2011

I purchased 6 (from 3 different sales) this summer. They were a bit slow at first (due to being in shade due to the heat) but are starting to grow now. (still have the last 2 in the shade). No buds yet, but I hope I see some soon!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I bought and planted our Heirloom Roses in the Spring. Those are doing good, but alittle slow due to all the extreme heat this year.

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john_ca(CA US9/SSZ14)

I visited this nursery in early June and picked up The Impressionist and Star of the Nile. TI has nearly doubled in size after being transfered into a 1 gallon pot. SOTN was potted for a few weeks then planted into the ground. This plant has grown some, but not as much as TI.

I just received s shipment of 12 other roses that I purchased during the half price sale. The foliage color was excellent. These are now in one gallon pots and I have not noticed any new growth yet. I am going to let them remain in the pots for a while to develop a stronger root system before setting them outside.

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All mine are doing great! I bought some in April, some in June and then some a couple of weeks ago at the 1/2 price sale. About 15 - 16 in all.

I immediately put them in pots, as my rose garden space is still being developed. (We moved to new house and are doing yard renovations).

The ones from April are big and healthy. Have had a couple of bloom cycles.

The ones from June are only a little bit behind the April ones.

The 1/2 price sale ones are coming along very nicely. The 3 Buff Beauties are practically bushes - spreading all over the deck from their little pots. One is blooming and there are buds. Julia Child is blooming also.

Rose Love!

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

A copule of mine were slow to start (Tuscany Superb and Rosa Mundi), but all in all they are growing great! My Darlow's Enigma and Phyllis Bide are doing exceptionally well!

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Got my 1/2 price order last friday, and potted the bands up into 1-1/2 gallon contianers and will plant them in the fall when I finally decide where to put them. For now I put em on the back deck where the wife is in charge of all things potted. They appear very healthy.

This is my first time growing own root roses, and am excited to watch them grow and develop.

I got Abraham Darby, Fragrant Plum, Blue Skies, and Cherry Parfait.

These four will put us at a bakers dozen roses in our small Brooklyn garden.

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Abe Darby can turn into a monster (mine is 7 or 8 feet tall!) So keep those pruning shears handy. I love the blooms though. I need to give it a hard pruning next spring.

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I received my four half-priced DAs (Graham Thomas, Hyde Hall, Mary Rose & St Swithun) last Friday, too, and got them potted on to 1-gallons on Tuesday evening. They were nice plants, but I was amazed that all of them had new growth sprouting last evening. I'm very pleased!


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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All mine are growing except for Tamora which isnt doing that great so far. (even Happy Child is flourishing!) Does Heirloom have any guarantee if the plant dies? I spotted a bud on Glamis Castle over the wknd! :D

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Little update from last years roses, these arrived to NY during our terrible heat wave in mid July, but hung on in dappled shade till I planted them in the fall, all were about a foot or so high and more bushy than tall. We had a very mild winter with little snow cover or rain. Fast forward to this weird spring:

Abraham Darby - exploded with 3 basal canes 3 feet tall, loaded with buds

Fragrant Plum - showing surprising growth as of late about 18" tall and wide

Blue Skies - close to size of ABE but with much few buds

Cherry Parfait - short and stocky loaded with flower buds, really excited to see it bloom

An early leaf out of my little leaf linden street tree stunted some of the spring growth. However, as the sun approached a greater angle as the season progresses I expect to the see the year two "creep" and maybe some more.

I hopefully will have a chance to snap some pics later in the week after the rain.

How are your purchases doing? Planning on getting in on the sale again this year?

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