Lilac Question

pushindirt(z8 OR)July 27, 2008

My lilacs finished blooming about 2 weeks ago.

I want to harvest the seeds but am so ignorant how.

Am I correct in assuming that the following picture is the seeds? If so, when should I pick them. They do not come off easily. I have to yank pretty good. Are they good to pick now, then dry and plant in the spring? (or maybe these aren't even the seeds I'm looking for).

Thanks for your help.


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Not ripe yet. Wait until they turn brown and start to split open at the tips, probably late September or October (maybe a bit earlier, depending on where you are). There are two seeds (sometimes just one) in each of those small pods; when the pods open fully (pull apart by hand, if the seeds don't fall out easily), the seeds can be shaken out for planting.

After extracting the seeds from the pods, keep them refrigerated at +1 or +2°C in sterile damp sand over the winter, and sow in spring. The seeds may germinate soon after sowing or (if you're less lucky!) take up to a year to germinate.


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pushindirt(z8 OR)

Wow, thanks for the help.
One more question. Any idea why one of my trees has no seeds? I mean zilch, none, nana. Strange isn't it? And it my prettiest too.

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Might be that it has double flowers? Double-flowered plants are commonly sterile.


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