Peace rose

clemmielover(5)July 12, 2013

I found a 3 gallon Peace rose at HD the other day for $15 and could hardly resist.
It's from the infamous Mea nurseries in Texas and I only grabbed it as it had a few flowers, highly fragrant on the shrub.
The flower is pale yellow white at the center fading to pale pink on the edges.
Good shrubby healthy looking plant.

I'm guessing it's grafted but don't really know until I plant it.
Can somebody tell me if this is a Chicago Peace rose? When I look at pictures it seem's to be much more salmon pink than the one I have.
I'm also stumped to realize there is no mention to it being a climber or a shrub. Any way to figure this out on my own?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Pale yellow white fading to pale pink edges sounds exactly like Peace rose (hybrid tea).

Chicago Peace (also a hybrid tea) is a much more vivid (sometimes downright dramatic!) brighter pink/salmon/yellow blend, but it changes shades a lot, so sometimes it is pinker, other times more salmon, etc. Gorgeous--but not in the gentle delicate way the Peace rose is gorgeous.

They are both wonderful roses in terms of beauty--but both of them have blackspot problems--the only reason I do not grow either one any more. I did love them back when I did grow them, and the delicate shades of Peace can still bring me to a full stop--while I drink its subtle beauty in!

You can get some of the information about individual roses by going to --wonderful resource, but not functioning this week for some reason. As soon as they get whatever the problem is fixed, you will want to go there for additional information on these roses.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I meant to add, it is probably grafted, and neither one is ever a shrub. There is, however, a climbing Peace rose also, but it would state it if it were. If it says nothing, it is not a climber.

99.9% of the Peace roses you will find at garden centers are grafted and not climbers. All Peace roses are hybrid teas.


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Like Kate said, you have Peace, not Chicago Peace. What ever you do, DON'T prune Peace back hard. Let it grow for 3 yrs, then just shape the bush to keep it full. My Peace is 4 yrs old, 5'x5' bushy shrub covered in beautiful foliage with tons of blooms. Pruning it hard stunts the growth and will more then likely kill it after a few years.

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Thanks for the invaluable advice about pruning! I would never have known on my own.
I too have come to the conclusion it is a original peace rose.
The flowers were really lovely but nowhere near the 5-6" blooms I read about.
I may just tuck her out of the way of the other roses and just use her for cut flowers.
I'm a little bit weary of Helpme find as I just stopped researching the David Austin roses, I popped in on the plants I already have and lots of conflicting information. I'm too much of a novice to discern whats what.

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seil zone 6b MI

Since this is a new rose you just purchased from HD I would give some time to mature before you decide it isn't going to give you those 5 or 6 inch blooms. I'm sure the blooms on it were set in less than perfect conditions in the garden center at HD. Give it a nice spot with good soil, sunshine and water and it may just surprise you!

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In zone 5, if virused, you will probably have more severe virus effects than those rosarians in warmer/hotter zones.

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I'm not too anxious to get the giant blooms and won't disbud much, I find the scent intoxicating and am also willing to keep her around for the cut flowers rather than good appearance in the garden, as long as I can isolate her from the rest of the lot.
The way our lot is, the southern side is the part of the yard which we use the least, a 20ft wide strip of land really.
Nobody goes back there but I'm guessing the beds are ideal for roses, my peonies grow like gangbusters over there in any case.

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