Third perfect climber

lynnetteJuly 16, 2014

Kordes Antique 89 should be in every garden. The only reason it is not at the top of my list is because it grows like an upright monster with thorns to match. It doesn't even need any support. Lost of basal canes, lots of flowers and no BS or mildew.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

I sure agree on this one! It's trouble free, a great bloomer, and hardy in my zone reliably (even over the last year). Nice picture!


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Never heard of this one. I really like the color and the amount of blooms. Looks like a winner!

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seil zone 6b MI

Another beauty! This enabling is too much, Lynette!

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No scent and not for endless summer areas where it NEVER stops growing. It does flower but the plant is so incredibly vigorous and indeterminate, it will out "thug" wisteria and drain you of every drop of blood doing it. Otherwise, yes, a lovely rose. Kim

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Very nice...I'd like something like that

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bart_2010(8/9 Italy)

Ooh,I'm always interested in beautiful thugs;my climate isn't exactly endless summer like Kim's (yet? I hope it won't become such,must say...summer is definitely my LEAST FAVOURITE season),but it is warm.But Kim's post confuses me a bit...does it only bloom a little in a warm climate?

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No ma'am, it flowered all summer, but only on the ends of extremely long, extremely thick, extremely rigid, EXTREMELY PRICKLY canes and laterals. There was a TON of plant compared to the amount of color. It grew against a tall fence near a pear tree in a former client's back garden. I dreaded having to deal with that flesh ripping, blood drinking behemoth. The plant loved the endless summer quite a bit too much. Kim

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The color and form is really striking. Too bad about the light fragrance. You ought to take a look at VIKING QUEEN. It has wonderfully scented voluptuous blooms similar in form to those in your pic. It is also fairly mannerly in its growth habit, has reliable repeat bloom and the foliage is disease resistant. Would be just about perfect if it weren't for the vicious thorns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viking Queen at HelpMeFind Roses

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Great picture. It reminds me of the climber, Rosarium Uetersen.

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