how do you know if your tree is dead

eddie_ilJuly 29, 2008

I have a redbud tree, 2" diamter, i planted last fall where all the leaves recently turned brown and fell off. I'm guessing the tree is dead but wanted to make sure before removing it because it really is a nice little tree. I bent a few limbs and they still seem to be somewhat limber. Is there hope for my little buddy or should I throw in the towel. Thanks for you help.

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You can do a scratch test. Test some of the limbs first. Take your fingernail and gently scratch off the first layer of bark. If it is green underneath, it is still alive.

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pinetree30(Sierra Westside)

And if it has formed buds at the tips of the twigs, and these buds are not dry, brittle, and fall off when you touch them; then it has potential shoots for next spring.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if it is a plain old RBud ... it may sprout from the ground sooner or later.. or in spring ...

if it is a grafted plant... and it sprouts from below will not be the cultivar you bought.. but a plain old ...

if you have a warrantee ... exercise it .... and learn about proper planting times.. and proper watering ... ask for re-planting in late September or early April in z5 ...

if the seller balks.. offer to take a smaller tree ... smaller trees transplant easier.. and 'establish' faster ... and can easily outgrow a bigger transplant in a given ten year period ...


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