Complete plant virus review available free

henry_kuskaJuly 26, 2014

It is fortunate that a recent paper "Review. Elimination of viruses in plants: twenty years of progress" is available free.

If you use your PDF search and the keywords RNA silencing, you can read about the effect of temperature on the ability of plants to fight off virus infections (should be starting on page 175).

Download the PDF at this link:

Here is a link that might be useful: link for above

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Oh, Dr. Henry, you tell me there is so much more for me to worry about, more even than a sweet and willing gardener who accidentally uses RoundUp on my roses. I do not even like to view the space where 400-500 beautiful roses once lived and bloomed in my garden and now twigs of memory and dying leaves abound.

If I had any other diseases to combat other than those I already know,I most likely would consume a bottle of RoundUp. It's just too much for my non-intellectual, non-scientific, right-brain mind.

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