Growing David Austins in the South?

dizzylizzy415July 6, 2014

Has anyone in the South had luck with David Austens? I think they are beautiful and would like to try one. I am looking for a smaller shrub, and I was thinking of Queen of Sweden. It claims to have excellent disease resistance, but who knows if that is true in my blackspot ridden environment. Any thoughts or advice?

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buford(7 NE GA)

2 things you have to know about growing Austin's in the south.

They get big. Huge. If DA says it's 3-4 feet, it will likely be 6+ feet.

They are not disease resistant. If other roses get blackspot in your yard, Austins will get it. Some very badly.

I don't grow Queen of Sweden. Maybe someone who has can tell you about that specific rose.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I can't say how tall and how disease-resistant Queen of Sweden will be in your region, but I can assure you that in my Zone 6 (Midwest), QofS grows about 4 ft tall and is very BS resistant (although not totally immune--but then no rose is).

My major complaint about QofS is that it is a bit slow on the re-bloom--but gorgeous when it blooms.

My three Queens are 4-6 years old and grow in full sun most of the day.

Hope that helps.


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I have 3 Austin's in SE Tx and I also have a issue with BS. I have golden celebration, Evelyn and Heritgae all own root from Chambleea planted this year. All 3 are doing great in the heat, GC is going to get huge, has already tripled in size and wants to climb, Evelyn and Heritage both are more spreading than getting tall. As for BS, GC and Evelyn have had a touch but not bad and none at all at the moment and heritage has had no BS at all. I have been watering them deep once a week since June and they are thriving and always have blooms. So far I have been very happy with my Austin's and plan to plant more next year. Hope this helps.

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Most DA roses grow and bloom well in the in the S.E. part of the USA. I grew them in South & Central Fl. for a bunch of years before moving to N.E. GA. 6 yrs ago. They did fantastic for me in Fl and they do fantastic up here also. I've got 10 different varieties right now and will be adding a few more next spring. Queen of Sweden will be one of them. I spray my garden for black spot, so I really don't know how disease resistant they would be in a no spray garden.

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I'm in Atlanta area and have roughly 25 different Austin's.
All have some measure of BS.

Queen of Sweden is among the top 5 healthiest / least BS prone.
Can't speak to the deer issue.

The other standouts for minimal BS for me, at least are:
(** next to smaller plants in my garden)
Lady of Shallot
Abraham Darby
Graham Thomas
Ambridge Rose*
Princess Alexandria of Kent*
Carding Mill*
Golden Celebration
Crown Princess Maragreta
Generous Gardener
Sharifa Asma*

I have just as many very prone to BS so I spray them. Morning sun helps.
BS won't keep me from enjoying something that brings me so much enjoyment tho!
Adrianne :-D

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Thanks so much for everyone's input. It has been very helpful!

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

Like Adrianne said, BS shouldn't stop you from enjoying these roses. I've learned to tolerate BS. It's just reality unless you want to spray. I don't spray.
In late June, I strip the leaves from the bottom of the bush to about 5" or so (as suggested by Stephen Scanniello). I also plant cranesbill or nepeta around their feet. You really can't see the BS.

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I just wanted to say, this thread in general and adriannecl's response in particular is exactly why I come here. Detailed experiences about someone else's roses in a similar climate to mine. The pretty pictures also help!

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