Chinese Pistache Leaves are turning red/yellow

jayerduJuly 28, 2014

Hey All,

My first time here. Thanks for any help in advance

Last April, I had a Chinese Pistache tree planted in my backyard in full sun. The tree has been doing great up until 2 weeks ago. In Dallas, about 2 weeks ago we had a 3-day cold spell (lows were in the 40s at night and highs were in the 70s during the day). Well, since then, some leaves around the berry clusters turned red and now yellow. At first, it was just in a few spots. Now, a week later since they have been turning red, it has been spreading.

I water it as needed - I check the soil 8 inches deep. It has never been muddy or dry.

Any suggestions?

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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

Likely a stress response. It's still not "established" having been planted in April, coupled with changing climatic conditions from hot, to cooler, to hot again. As long as there are no girdling roots, then likely nothing to worry about. Frequently see something similar with the first cool downs of early fall with CP planted in parking lot islands etc.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

like to see a pic of the whole... but from what i can see in the pic.. i wouldnt be overly concerned by an errant branch or two doing this ...

otherwise.. what he said...


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Here is the pic of the entire tree. BTW, the tree was planted April of 2013. I guess I am just worried because this past April of 2014, we planted another one and it has died. But it looked like it was because of poor drainage. For some reason, the water would not drain for this tree. I cut off a branch of the dead CP and it was not VW as there was no black streaks.

Thanks for your input.

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Is your irrigation by sprays or rotarys. If so, does it spray up into the tree?

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I use a hand spray and spray downward. But I do wet the leaves afterwards.

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Could that tree be in a low spot in the lawn? How often do you water? I like to water new trees deeply but not frequently. You mentioned hand watering. If you left the hose trickle slowly for an hour a week that would be better than washing it down every day.

When I lived in Northern California the transplants from Southern California would ask me the first thing in the Fall why the leaves were turning brown on their trees. Are you sure this isn't just an early fall coloring on your tree?

Good Luck

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Some CP don't like city water sprayed into the canopy possibly because of salts. So don't water up into the tree anymore and see how it goes. Just water deeply a few times a week and they should be fine. I would not baby it too much.

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Having very similar issue. Live north of Dallas 20 miles. Tree has been in ground 3-4 years and was professionally planted and is about 18 ft. tall. Previously a Red Oak was planted in same location (builder planted) and died after 5 years. A second builder Red oak is 20 ft to the left of this photo on other side of yard and 30+ ft tall and doing well after 9 years. Our watering is limited and under draught conditions, but these Pistache are all over neighborhood and doing great. Something is stressing and not sure how to address.

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Picture of whole tree

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey love... welcome to GW ...

your red oak question has nothing to do with the original post... which is specifically titled as to CP ... so doing it this way.. iscalled hijacking a post ....

start your own post ... properly titled.. so the peep with the next red oak question... might find an answer ...

no need to apologize.. its very common for new folks .. to do this ...

i look forward to answering your post ...


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Ken, please reread my post. I am asking about my Chinese Pistache the same as the OP having a very similar issue and posted photos of the tree. I only referenced that a Red oak was planted where my Pistache is currently and it died after 5 years.

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Looks like too much mulch to me. That's a starting point.

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