white spots on red maple leaves

kateryJuly 11, 2010

hi there, i am really hoping someone will be able to help me, we have three maple trees, two in our backyard and one in the front, all three seem to have something wrong with them. the two in the back are some sort of red maple, the leaves have white spots all over them and what looks like some sort of fungus growing on the trunk and branches:

the tree in the front is not a red maple, not sure what it is but it does not look healthy, there are a lot of dead branches, the leaves are small and pale and some of the branches look like they have little white balls of fungus growing on them among other things:

these are very well established trees and we really don't want to lose them, it would leave us with no trees.

also, our neighbor has a silver maple that has been dropping leaves for the last couple of weeks, it's only july!! any insight as to what might possibly be wrong with these trees would be greatly appreciated.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

The white substance on your Maple leaves looks like Powdery mildew this will cause your leaves to brown,shrivel and fall off the tree......the growth on the bark is a lichen...the lichen will not hurt your tree...
The photo of the other leaves, looks like they are chlorotic.... the soil is lacking iron or magnesium which makes the leaves look greener along the veins and less green on the other part of the leaf...



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I agree with ian about the powdery mildew, which is on the norway maple.
And also the clorosis on what i believe strangely enough to be a red maple. ( red in the name is for the fall color)
I also see some cottony maple scale on this tree.
If you could tell me where you are located (roughly) and take some pictures of the root zone of the trees, i may be able to give some advice.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the stuff on the bark is lichens... google it.. harmless...


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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

This tree isn't supposed to be variegated, right? (leaf edges aren't a different color every year)

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