Help ID tree and determine if it's dying

norwei(9)July 3, 2014

Hi Everyone, we moved into a house late last year and we were so happy especially our little girls to have a tree in the backyard. We have no idea what it is and we didn't think of it much then but it seems like it is dying. I am hoping that somebody can help us identify the tree, the disease it is suffering from and if it's worth saving based on the extent of the damage. New leaves come out fine but then shortly thereafter it shrinks and turns brown. The trunk and branches have what looks like swollen joints.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Here's a picture a step further back that shows the trunk.

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And here's a close up of the leaves that turned brown and looks diseased compared to some healthy leaves

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Whereabouts are you located?

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

My only guess is Myrica rubra but it doesn't quite look right for that. Indeed would be helpful to know where you are.

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

Looks like Szyzgium luehmanii. Google that name and see if it is your tree. It is commonly referred to as Lilly Pilly. As others noted, hard to know what to suggest until we know what it is and where it's growing.

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I am in Brentwood, CA zip code 94513

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davidrt28, I googled myrica rubra and the red things (I assume are berries) on our tree doesn't have the same texture as the images that came up in the search for myrica rubra.

It does look a bit more like Lilly Pilly.

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Curious could this tree could have "crown gall". We lost a shrub to this. Noticed it this past spring when working in the yard. It is know to leave growths in it's wake. ?

So not saying that is the's what came to my mind when poster described growths.

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