Cockspur Thornless Hawthorn

PutsyJuly 18, 2014

I had a landscaping company plant two Cockspur Thornless Hawthorns that seem to be struggling. First of all the trunk itself is very 'bark-y' with the bark curling away from the trunk. Is that normal? Also, the trees keep sprouting at the bottom. I trim them about every 2-3 months. I've had them almost two years. They do leaf but one has some leaves turning reddish already. I was told to water them them twice week and these trees are exposed to full sun for about 6 hours day. Also I feel thorns on the clippings at the base of the tree - so is this really a 'thornless' cockspur? Help!!

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Is that tree really alive? It looks dead to me with that bark falling of

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arbordave (SE MI)

The appearance of the bark in the photo is not unusual for cockspur hawthorn. If the trees leafed out well (no dead branches or twigs) and most of the leaves are normal in color, then they're probably doing OK. A small number of off-color leaves would not be surprising since the trees were planted less than 2 years ago. Thornless cockspur is grafted (budded) on common hawthorn rootstock so the suckers will have thorns.

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