What kind of tree

fwdixonJuly 12, 2014

I'm guessing it's some sort of juniper, but want to confirm.

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georgeinbandonoregon(z9 OR)

well, to me it looks like a form of thuja occidentalis/arbor vitae.

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I second what George said.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

If it makes round/blue cones/berries it's Platycladus orientalis aka Oriental arborvitae. That's they way I'm leaning.

If the cones are round/green, it's Thuja occidentalis.


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Nice tip, haven't heard of those before. Is it normal for the interior to be full of brown leaves or is there something wrong with the tree?

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georgeinbandonoregon(z9 OR)

since the foliage on the plants is so dense, the interior foliage that is normally unseen until you move the outer leaves aside to look often turns brown and dies because of lack of sun light---a normal thing to happen IMHO and really no big deal (as long as the outer foliage remains green and the plant is receiving normal care--adequate water---and is otherwise in good health).OTOH, if you have several plants planted (too) close together the same thing may happen on the OUTER foliage on the side closest to the adjoining tree so unless you are trying to make the trees grow together to form a "solid" hedge be aware of that potential situation as well.. hope this helps.

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Thanks george. The trunk splits in to 3 at the base and there is a noticeably gap in the foliage between the trunks, thought that might be the explanation for the brown and wanted to make sure.

Any tips on how best to move this thing? I like the tree but it's in a really bad spot.

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