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forensicmomSeptember 12, 2008

I usually prune my off in the early spring when I see new growth starting. This is a beautiful plant. I have 'Blue Fortune' and 'Golden Jubilee'.

My question is about height control. The 'Blue Fortune' is gorgeous but it gets a little bit too big and totally covers up the blanket flowers and yarrow next to it.

Is it possible to prune or pinch this for height control? If so, when and how?

Here's a picture of it last month.

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Absolutely. I would prune it to 3" when it gets to 6" and you could even prune it again to 6" when it gets to 1'. It all depends on how controlled you want it and how high it grows in its current location. Experiment. I hope that helps. Have fun!

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tepelus z6a SW MI

I'm going to have to remember this for next year, my golden jubilee got very leggy this year and kept telling myself I need to prune it back. Now it's September, a wee bit too late to prune back for shape now since it'll be going sleepy here soon.


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Does your 'Blue Fortune' look that blue all summer? If so, you're really fortunate! Mine fades out to a dirty/dusty looking pale blue. Mine is in full sun all day here in zone 7, but you're in zone 7.

The Goldfinch love to eat the BF seeds here in my garden, so I'm leaving it for now. Not pretty, but it's bird food.


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