A question about perennial cuttings

loganladySeptember 28, 2011

Is it easy to take cuttings of both lavandula angustifolia (english lavendar) and a blue mist bluebeard caryopteris (clandonensis)? I want to add a couple to a new garden bed...wondered if I could take cuttings instead of buying new plants. Obviously if I can they would be planted in the spring since I am in zone 7.



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

either try the propagation forum ..

or try googling something like :

'lavandula angustifolia propagation'

caryopteris is a shrub in my world.. and it is very tricky to root woody stems.. including greenhouses.. heated media.. rooting hormones.. and incredibly specific TIMING issues ... [or downright blind luck.. lol] ..

good luck


ps: is this where you tell me you have a greenhouse????

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Beca - Caryopteris/blue mist shrub is very easy to grow from seed via winter sowing. I harvest seeds from my plant every year in mid-October. According to my sprout chart, I winter sowed the seeds 12/24 and they sprouted 4/20. It also self-sows from what I've heard; your plant might provide you with seedlings you could transplant to your new bed.

I also winter sowed lavandula angustifolia for the first time this year. It's another excellent WS candidate. My winter sown plants are already 8 inches tall and very healthy. They took about the same amount of time to germinate as the blue mist seeds: sowed on 12/23; sprouted on 4/15. I got the seeds in a trade but they're readily available from a number of online seed vendors, Swallowtail & Hazzard's among them.

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Caryopteris roots in a glass of water in the window in a matter of days. Try it in the Spring.

The lavender is another story. I would skip trying to root that one. It's not easy!

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Sheesh..thanks..I didn't even think to look at the propagation forum...go figure that out. If I had thought about planting this bed earlier in the year I could have found the plants but I doubt I will now until spring-unless I go online $$. Hence the propagation question.

Getting the timing right is always fun in gardening, isn't it?

BTW-Ken I have a greenhouse :) But it's new and it's my first year learning how to use it.

Beca (who is now off to look at the propagation forum...)

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