Sycamore Maple Tree.........

claynation_il(z5 Chicago)July 16, 2014

Lurking around the local nursery at lunchtime came across these for sale. Never knew there was such a thing. Royal Petticoat cultivar I believe. Very cool coloring, leaves green on topside and purple on bottomside. Incredibly vibrant color.
Had to fight the impulse feeling of "not really right for my yard but it's cool and we'll let the next owner worry when it's outgrown it's space in the yard."

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Sycamore maple cultivers are usually slow growers. I worked on a University campus and we had the regular Sycamore maple and it was not a bad tree.

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There is a sycamore maple with leafes like that not far from where I grew up, even if I don't know if it is exactly the same cultivar. But that tree is not as big as ordinary sycamore maples, even if it is quite old. Still a large tree, but not that large. A very dark, gloomy tree though, I like the straight species better wich is quite nice to be a large maple tree.

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I've found that they do quite well in more maritime climates (cooler summers). They seem to under perform in hot and droughty summer climates.

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Yes, they are extremely well adapted for maritim climates, probably most so of all eurasian maple species

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

aw crikey ...

its Acer pseudoplatanus ... which translated.. would be a 'maple false plane/sycamore'

if they are adverting them a sycamore maple.. you can see how confusion reins.. with common names ...

as far as i am concerned.. it has nothing to do with sycamore...

ok.. i will step off my soapbox ...

i had.. keyword there... esk sunset for 10 years ... from about 18 inches.. to no more that 8 feet .. in full afternoon shade ... so the white in the leaves woudnt burn off in july/august ...

it was rather fat and happy until that evil mother nature threw a z4 winter at us.. it died back to about 6 inches.. above the graft.. and right now.. i have 6 or eight sprigs coming up from down there.. a couple all green ... and the rest near white with the red backs ... i am leaving the green ones for now.. for fear that they are the only ones feeding the roots ... with the shade its planted in ...

with trees... one should never be in too much of a hurry.. to prune off excess parts ... when the plant is this stressed ...

i will make that determination next spring ...

it was the pride and glory of my 5 acre arb .... i think you made a wise choice.. enjoy it ...

it is apparently patented under this name: acer pseudoplatanus Tunpetti

and if you use that term to google it.. you can get some get pix on the IMAGES side ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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claynation_il(z5 Chicago)

Ken......did you really just provide a link to definition of "pseudo"? Lol............

You are the reason I remain an occasional lurker/poster on GW.

I generally find myself agreeing with your take on most things tree related.

That's a compliment

I like your take on things and tend to agree.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Claynation, that is an interesting sounding tree you have found. Does the one in my link look to be similar?

I have seen the eskimo sunset Ken is referring to. I believe at Dawe's. It was interesting and got attention.

What is the overall effect of the green over purple? Do all the leaves lie the same way or does it look like one leaf is green and the next purple?

Also, I love the look of sun coming through red leaves. What is this one like?

I might just have to order me one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Acer pseudoplatanus Atropurpureum - Spaeth Maple

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claynation_il(z5 Chicago)

Hard to say looking at small specimen at nursery. The purple was much more purple than on the spaeth maple link. I thought it looked cool but I'm thinking it may be too much of a good thing on a full sized tree. Not sure how to provide link, you'll have to google pictures of regal petticoat maple.

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