Westerland or Royal Sunset?

sara_ann-z6bokJuly 14, 2014

There are two climbers I've been wondering about that are in the apricot or apricot-orange family. One is Westerland and the other is Royal Sunset. I'm thinking that Westerland is probably the better of the two, but I kind of like the color of Royal Sunset a little better. Or any other suggestions in this color range would be good.

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'Royal Sunse't is a far more beautiful rose, IMHO, than 'Westerland', but it is notorious for needing a hot climate. Zone 6 ought to be possible, but it might not be at its best where you are.

What about 'Ginger Syllabub' from Harkness? I have given up on Harkness roses where I am, but the climate of much of England is comparable to our zone 6.

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Nastarana - Thanks, the rose you mentioned is beautiful. I mistakenly put zone 6, but I am in zone 6b. I'm sure my zone would have plenty of heat for Royal Sunset. I appreciate the info. I was browsing through one of my old rose books and came across Royal Sunset and thought it was beautiful. I have been considering Westerland for awhile, so was wondering which one or possibly another would be a better choice for me.

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elks(US5 Can6)

I grow both in the Great Lakes area. Royal Sunset is indeed the more beautiful and, surprisingly, hardier. I lose Westerland to the ground each winter, but it comes back to a height of 7' each summer. I only lost Royal Sunset to the ground this past winter for the first time in 10 years. It has had canes in the 10-12' range, They both smell good, but the winner is RS.


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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

If Royal Sunset survives for you in zone 6b, then I'd agree that it's the prettier of those two roses. For me in zone 5, Royal Sunset has failed to overwinter 3 times, but Westerland is fine. Even more hardy is its counterpart Autumn Sunset, but it's more on the yellow side of the color range. In my summer heat, Ginger Syllabub fades to a creamy beige most of the time, but it is reliably hardy in my zone 4 pocket. Polka is another lovely apricot climber, but I find it fades pretty quickly too and the canes are very stiff.


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Thank you Steve and Cynthia - Right now I am leaning toward Royal Sunset.

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Royal Sunset is a very beautiful climber but it is an old one and has some of the older climbers problems. It is, as said, hardy but unless pruned, it will grow in all directions. The flowers will then not be as full and the leaves sparse. To get the best out of this beauty, it needs to be pruned hard every year to make it grow as a large shrub shape which is normal for it. Keep the nitrogen low so it will put it's strength into flowers not long growth. Then this is what you will see.

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Lynnette - That rose is gorgeous! And I appreciate your suggestions, very helpful. Thank you so much.

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