What type of apple tree?

katisu(5 Indy)July 27, 2014

What type of apple tree is this? The apples are so tiny. Not like, cherry-sized, but very small. They are green. Could the fact that we only have one apple tree be the reason they're so small?

I'm going to post a few more pics in this thread in a couple of mins, so bear with me.

Thanks in advance!

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katisu(5 Indy)

Close-up of leaves.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

to ID an apple ... you need to show pix of the mature apples... and MAYBE.. someone in the fruit forum can give you a fruit name ...

and since crabs are in the apple family ... we cant even rule that out on these pix ...


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katisu(5 Indy)

This is the best I can do as far as the fruit. I know it isn't really apple season quite yet, but they all seem to fall before they get any larger than this. And this one has been on the ground for a bit. Of course, the squirrels could be to blame for that.

Hopefully we can get a few good ones in a few months, and then I can provide a better picture!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Are all the apples falling? Most apple trees undergo the 'June drop' where they shed a lot of small fruit. But the remainder go on to maturity. Identifying apples is very difficult even if one has a ripe fruit and well nigh impossible with an immature one.

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katisu(5 Indy)

I only see maybe two apples left. And they're about this size. The tree is taller than my 2-story house, so I can't see all the way up.

I guess I can wait a few months and see what happens.

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