Help with pruning (and excuse the black spot and defoliation)

particentral(8)July 22, 2014

Yes, I have blackspot. It happens here. I spray once every two weeks it happens anyway.

But this random cane is my concern currently. This is a Tropicana HT, not my fave, but hey, it was .50 and has looked fabulous up until this sprouting of this cane and the BS settling in.

I am in the process currently, as we speak, of deadheading my planted pot garden and removing what yellowed or dead leaves I can.

This cane has me stumped....what do I do with it?????

The plant behind it is my Mr Lincoln and he is over 6 foot tall, so that random cane is also that tall...even though the rest is about 2 feet....LOL

Your assistance is muchly appreciated

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another shot so you can see the whole plant

and to prove I am not a total slacker this is the rose next to this troublemaker....LOL.....

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Wow that's a long wild cane
But a nice looking cane indeed...
I guess your only choices are to either let it be or prune it down to a lower length of your choice...

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Well I deadheaded it using a stepstool. Lol my Belindas Dream has done that too and my Veteran's Honor have done it too but not to this extreme. My roses are growing this year which is nice cause last year I thought I was gonna throw in the towel...but this cane has me stumped.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

I would cut it back to around 2'.

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that will take off the "candelabra" at the top leaving it with no leaves, but I am willing to do whatever makes the most sense. It looks stupid right now that is for sure.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Pruning will cause it to make a couple of lateral shoots near the top, and you can hope for a basal shoot.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

I agree with Michael - you have some other canes that will provide the leaves while the cane is regrowing them from this long cane. Cut down this long cane at least 6-8 inches lower than you want the actual blooms to be, since the lateral shoots that regrow near the top will branch out to form a new, hopefully lower, candelabra.

Just remember that at least in my zone Tropicana wants to be a big rose. You're liable to see it wanting to shoot up large canes periodically all summer. I have two roses in the front of one of my beds that constantly want to be bigger than the space suits (Champagne Memory and Dame des Chenonceau). I prune them down to at least 2' if not lower in the spring, then keep an eye on the canes that shoot out longer and ruthlessly prune then down to at least 2' or less once they're done blooming. Sometimes you'll cut off some branching canes off of that main cane, which can be hard to do, but consider - do you really want the rose to continue to branch out from wherever you cut it? If you cut it too high, you get those floppy candelabras with bare cane below it, and particularly in a pot like yours that can be a tipping hazard in the long run.

Congratulations on saving a 50 cent rose! That sounds like you definitely got the good end of that bargain. Here's a photo from last week for Champagne Moment showing the results of this ruthless pruning. You can see how the rose gets intensely bushy right at that 2' length (the fence is no more than 2.5 feet). That long cane stretching out to the right is already cut back to below the fence line this week, being done with blooms, or I'd be in the same situation as your Tropicana before long.

Have fun!

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

I overlooked the name of the variety at the top. Yes, 'Tropicana' is notorious for throwing the occasional 7' rogue cane. It needs a firm hand.

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seil zone 6b MI

If it were me I'd leave it alone. It's a new rose you just planted this season and it's maturing. It's probably going to put on more growth like that as it matures. But you can prune it down some as Michael suggests. And deeper dead heading is a good way to do that. Certainly don't worry about that monster cane because it means that rose is healthy and happy. It would never have thrown a jack in the bean stalk cane if it weren't. And be prepared for more of them. Pruning it will stimulate it to grow more, not less.

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Thanks! I have two of these. the other one looks great no bs and 3 foot tall...bushy. this one is three pots down and looks miserable....but i agree the rogue cane must mean its doing well.. this is the second year with it but last year my roses had no leaves most of the year due to rain of biblical proportions. .... I had maybe 100 blooms total last year on 50 plants. Only knockouts bloomed.. this year different story. Blooms and growth out of sight. Much happier gardener!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Glad your happy this year that's what counts!
May your leaves stay shiny and stay happily on the bush!

My youngest sister passed away in May of this year from cancer. She was always happy with her roses even though the leaves all fell off them before July...
A trait I just don't have... I need to see leaves...
She lived about 70 yards from us on the next street.

I took this pic of one of her rose bushes in June I think...

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particentral(8) sad.......yeah, I like leaves. LOL so sorry about your sister. sad!

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view1ny NY 6-7

Jim, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. That's such sad news.

Particentral, are you sure your pots are big enough for these plants? They look a bit shallow to me. I'm far from an expert so maybe some more experienced container gardeners will chime in.

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Some of those roses In those pots are 6-7 foot tall. They are all growing like mad And they are all healthy except for the BS on a few. Heck my Veterans Honor has put on 8 new basal canes this year (3rd year with me) and my Moonstone is doing the same. So while many say they are too small they seem to be working. I use a time relased chemical fertilizer (4 times a year) because I have read pots need it more often and to stay away from organic....and I foliar feed as well Every 4 weeks or do during the summer. Watering system set to one half hour twice a day on 1gallon per hour. Its hot here! They need that much.

I did remove much of the top soil and replace it this year. Those pots are 14x14x16...and yeah...plastic. lol so the roots have in some cases grown through into the ground. Moonstone has a 2 inch anchor root...cant move it at all.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I'm going to start growing more roses in containers next year.
I'll start out with large containers and probably within 3 - 4 years will change the soil and trim the roots some...
Hopefully that works

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Well if I were the building owner I would plant em in the ground, as I have my Belinda' s Dream and knockouts. But I opted to not dig up the entire yard for a rose garden that I might have to leave behind if I moved. I actually think I have better control over feeding, soil, and water this way too.

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