Heirloom Roses: Please share your experiences & views

reemcook(8a PNW)July 20, 2013

Hi folks,

Most of the roses in my garden are from Ashdown, EuroDesert (my favorite!) and Roses Unlimited. I purchased roses from the said nurseries after reading rave reviews from rose enthusiasts on gardening forums. My brother, 'paparoseman', also gifted us with beautiful roses and plants. :)

I have never ordered from Heirloom Roses. Please unabashedly share your experiences and views about Heirloom Roses. It will help me (and other novice gardeners) make an informed decision about ordering roses from them.

Thank you


PS: I also have a few "rescued" roses from local nurseries. Barring a few, most of the mass produced roses are not healthy or hardy. I never thought I would say this (gulp!) about a rose plant - the ones that are not thriving will be euthanised.

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My experience has been outstanding. Early in the season they're tiny and you have no idea how you will keep them alive...and then three months later they're all shooting up growth and even blooming.
I personally start mine in pots for their first season. 3 gal should work just fine for you.

Example...I got a Folklore band at the beginning of April. it was 6" tall. Now it is over 3 feet tall. It was the first one to really take off. If you don't have it, I recommend it...it's the most disease-resistant workhorse I have. Below is a photo of its most recent bloom. It has 4 more buds on it now...this bloom is a week old in the photo.

Anyway, I would highly recommend Heirloom, especially with their sale going on right now. The roses arrived in great condition, very well packed.

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reemcook(8a PNW)

Hi Racin_Rose,

What is your climate zone? I live in 7b/8a PNW (Seattle).

Thank you for sharing your experience with Heirloom. Your Folklore rose is scrumptious! I have a weakness for roses with excellent rebloom & intricate blooms. :)


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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

I am in zone 6b. The roses heirloom sends are significantly smaller than most. I bought some last summer and will not be buying from them at full price again. Good roses, all correctly named, but small. They made it through the winter just fine. Some of them are flourishing, some of them are not as they aren't roses good for my environment. I bought some at the summer sale even though I am a little worried as two of my last ones came completely broken and from what I see online, they will not be sending replacements for sale ones this year.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

The only reason I do not order from Heirloom is because I don't have the patience to nurse along a dinky little roselet. Devoted customers of Heirloom claim there is no problem with the dinky plants--and I believe them--but I don't want to wait on them in order to find out. Other than size, I have heard only good things about Heirloom.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

Karolina -- I agree with your assessment, but that WAS under the former ownership.

If I needed to order any roses, I would certainly give the new owners a chance.


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Thanks reem!

I'm in Arlington...just north of you...so we have the same zone.

Here's the plant in question...it was tiny when I got it. I'll have to re-plant it first thing next spring.

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And here's James Galway. He took his sweet time doing anything at all, and then he went nuts. The 1/2 barrel is up on bricks but you can't see them...DH is out there mowing the grass now, I promise!!!

I'm kind of just letting them grow however they want right now and I'll worry about their shape next year.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

All good here! They start out as small plants but bloom in about 4-5 weeks after being planted...
They are a decent size by end of season...

I guess it depends on what rose one gets... Some grow slow & others faster...

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reemcook(8a PNW)

I am going to take a chance and order from them. Thank you folks for sharing your experiences with Heirloom.

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I've ordered dozens of roses from them over the past 13 years, and have had great results. My primary complaint is that they are rather pricey compared to other sources for bands. I knew that John Clements died a few years ago, but I wasn't aware that they had a new owner. Who is their new owner?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

From the Gold Coast HRG July 2013 Quarterly:

The Heirloom Roses Nursery
24062 Riverside Drive NE, St. Paul, Oregon 97137

Early in 2013, Heirloom Roses was sold to Ben Hanna " a man whose business experience and general horticultural background speak well for the nurseryâÂÂs future. ÃÂ

The Heirloom team already in place, including Manager Cheryl Malone, is excited to have Ben's knowledge and business acumen augmenting their experience with roses.

The new Heirloom team is totally committed to building Heirloom into a top-tier rose nursery with staying power. ÃÂ

To learn more, visit the website, at:

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They are a good nursery, but some of their virus free roses showed that they had virus after they became mature plants in my garden. I would not count on getting a virus free plant from them no matter what they say. However, the roses I bought that were bred by them have not shown any yet.

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I've gotten all of my own root roses there, save for a few from Roses Unlimited, this year. Yes, they start out small, but they don't take long to catch up at all!!! I have not been disappointed in the least with them.

That being said, the Roses Unlimited flowers were bigger and I like them better simply because they were much more leafed out. Plus, I live in Florida and they are located in South Carolina. Heirloom is in Oregon. RU just has less shipping time which has to be better for the plants.

The reason I am sticking with Heirloom over RU however is the fact RU is a bit more expensive and not as easy to order from. I suppose the extra money is for bigger plants, but really, I don't mind the small 6" bands that much. My garden this year is new, so it'll be next year or the year after for it to really take off. So, I'm personally cool with the small plants for slightly less money. Especially with the sale prices now!

But that's my opinion and I'm a newb. :) I can say I haven't gotten a bad plant from them and have been 100% satisfied with their service. I just have to learn to exercise patience with this whole waiting for things to grow experiment!

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Desertgarden- Las Vegas, Z8b @ 2800 ft.

Heirloom is definitely more expensive. One can purchase a one gallon at R.U. for essentially the same price. I was able to rationalize paying more for a smaller plant due to the claim on the site that the plants are "virus free" and they had roses I was looking for in stock. If my plants turn out to have RMV and it is not due to my pruning practices ( if this can even cause RMV) , I would be very ambivalent about placing another order.


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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

Jeri, thank you for alerting us to the fact of a new owner. I guess I will be able to see if my opinion changes after this next order comes in.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Lynn -- Whether you have gotten virused plants from Heirloom depends really on what roses you've gotten.

For instance, as Kitty says -- she's not detected virus in the Heirloom-bred roses. Probably, those roses have never been budded, and are not virused.

But older roses? Or Austins brought in from Europe? THOSE I wouldn't bet on, unless they say they are grown from virus-indexed mother plants.


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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

To contribute to the discussions of possible changes under new ownership, I noticed a fairly dramatic improvement in the size of the bands this year over previous years ordering from Heirloom. I always had to mentally give my Heirloom bands an extra year for their "leap" year, and some of them in the past were no more than a few inches high when they arrived. This year, they were comparable to Rogue Valley bands and had relatively well-branched sturdy canes

Of course, my Vintage bands were absolutely immense, perhaps because they were selling bands that had more than a year's growth on them to sell out stock. I took a picture of the contrast between Heirloom in the front and the immense Vintage bands at the back for contrast, but since Vintage was extraordinately large this year, it's not criticizing Heirloom to say they were smaller. I haven't had mis-identified roses that I have detected in the past 5 years or so, except one Eglantyne that I need to post on an ID thread since it has finally bloomed white, not pink.

Here's the contrast photo, with the Heirloom bands in the front.


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Reem and others,

Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Ben Hanna, the new owner of Heirloom Roses. My wife and I purchased the business from Louise Clements back in March. My wife and I are both avid gardeners and love all things plants. We feel very blessed to be at Heirloom, working with the talented team of Rosarians.

I have enjoyed reading the comments from yourself and others. This type of candid insight from customers is very important and helps me know how to best serve HeirloomâÂÂs customers. We know there is room for improvement, and the Heirloom team is focused at providing exceptional quality plants with the best customer service.

Please know we remain committed to the long-standing mission of Heirloom Roses, providing unique varieties of roses. Demonstrating our commitment, we are currently propagating for 2014 with a selection of Old Garden Roses that has not been offered in years. My hope is you will be pleasantly surprised.

There will be some changes, all of which will be with one thing in mind, serving our customers.

Reem, (and any others), if you are close to the Nursery, I would love to give you a tour of our operations and talk in more depth about our plans.

If anyone has comments and or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly: ben@heirloomroses.com


Ben Hanna
President, Heirloom Roses, Inc.

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Hello Ben and thank you very much for your introduction, background, and the teaser for next year's roses! I am very much looking forward to both my new arrivals as well as the coming year's selection. I am also very happy to know that you look to your customers for input. Good luck with your first year and I hope to be making more orders in the future. :-)


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Desertgarden- Las Vegas, Z8b @ 2800 ft.


Thank you so much for the " wake up" and clarifying the " virus free" roses at Heirloom. I went back to their site today and have concluded that I am just a little sleep deprived, as what is and isn't virus free now makes perfect sense to me. Geesh, I am glad I did not purchase an automobile this past week!

I have purchased about 8 own root plants from Heirloom in the past couple of weeks. What I found to be very positive is if they indicate the plant is in stock; my experience thus far has been that it is. I have been receiving healthy well packaged plants at my door in a timely fashion.


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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

Thank you greatly for the introduction. It is nice to hear from the owners of the places we rely on so much. I am greatly looking forward to my order and for new things to come at Heirloom.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Hopefully virus-indexed stock is part of the new ownership's goals. That would be great!

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I've had mixed reviews on Heirloom roses over the yrs. But, as some have mentioned here, the newer plants are a good bit larger than the ones gotten in the past. Even with the older ones, I never had much problem with them. I may have lost a couple plants here or there, but only due to my bad gardening practices. Any of the ones I did lose were from planting them in our crappy clay soil too young, and they fried from the heat and my lousy watering in past yrs. So now I always pot the bands up into 1 gallon or slightly larger pots and wait to plant in the ground until they've at least tripled in size. And yes, that may take 2-3yrs, but then you have a more established plant that can take being planted in the ground and survive whatever the elements (or you) do to them. LOL Besides it's fun having a bunch of babies in the "pot ghetto!"

I have to say I am really happy to see that Heirloom has taken on Cliff's plants. I was so disappointed when Vintage took them amidst talking about trying to stay afloat. It just seemed to me so crazy for them to take on all those plants, not knowing if they were going to even be able to continue with their own. And now they ARE closing up after all. But just to know that Heirloom is carrying so many of the EuroDesert roses so we will not lose them, just makes me feel so much better!! Plus I got a few of them this past season, and was very pleased with the size and health of the plants. I just hope they continue to propagate them!

I'm very anxious to see what the new owners will offer in 2014!

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Having ordered from Heirloom for many years, I have never been disappointed. Yes the plants are small but that has actually been a benefit to me here in z5, I would rather focus on root growth than top growth before frigid winter hits. I always plant mine directly in the ground, and have never lost a single plant. Plants have never been mismarked and I personally have never had a virused rose. Can't say enough good things about Heirloom.

Congratulations to the Hanna family- you have my dream business! Wishing you much success!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I just ordered a couple "Carefree Sunshine" roses from Heirloom Roses recently here in July...
I planted them straight into the ground doing the week of a 90 degree heatwave... I shaded them from 12:30pm until 5pm for 3 days then I left them get full sun afterwards.
Our heat-wave broke this past Saturday and we got some rain and these roses have some nice new growth going on already...

Great post Ben & family! Congrats!
Glad to see and hear from you!
I had no idea that management had changed...
Best of luck!

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sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)

I absolutely love Heirloom Roses. I've bought roses at nurseries before in my area and at places like home depot etc. But none ever made it in my yard. Before long they are dead or turned out to have a disease.

My heirloom roses arrived in great condition. They were packaged really well. I watered them right away and planted them in my yard later that same day. After a few weeks I had new growth and blooms. I thought at one point that they had sent me the wrong roses but turned out my goofy husband removed the tags that I had kept with my roses so I would not mix them up and then put them back in place but mixed them up. So the only mistake made was that my husband go this hands on my roses lol.

When I thought there was a problem with one of my roses I took a photo and sent it to their support email and they replied rather quickly explaining what it could possibly be. We had quite a bit of rain here. I had no idea that too much water could cause similar problems as not enough water. They not only explained it to me but directed me to a link on their site where it was further explained.

I have loads of roses on my wish list on their site and can't wait till I'm ready to place another order. When I do it will definitely be with heirloom roses.

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reemcook(8a PNW)

I placed an order with Heirloom Roses. I look forward to receiving healthy and hardy roses with well-established root structures.

I trust that under the new management/ownership, Heirloom Roses will undergo a positive paradigm shift.


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bunnicula03(z6b NJ)

I placed several orders with Heirloom this season. Their bands were healthy and took off quickly. I was very pleased with their overall vigor and wouldn't hesitate to order again.

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ms. violet grey

They need to correct the Marchesa Boccella & Comte de Chambord confusion we've discussed on the forum.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Hey! You Go, Ben Hanna!

The very smartest thing you can do is communicate with your customers -- because we're all pulling for you!

Thanks for dropping in. We hope to hear from you often. :-)


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desertcliff(z9-10 CA low desert)

I want to heartily endorse Jeri's comments. I think it's absolutely fantastic that Ben is reading threads such as this and is personally responding. That in itself speaks volumes in terms of the future of Heirloom.

As many of you know, I was the owner of EuroDesert Roses, and after we unfortunately had to close, Heirloom stepped in and now offers many of the EuroDesert varieties, roses that are otherwise not available in this country.

I've had the opportunity to work closely with the Heirloom team and can assure you that they are determined to do things right. I encourage you all to give them a chance and to help them to succeed long term!


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Also want to send thanks to the Clements family for a job well done, I hadn't known (until Jeri's post) that the business had been sold. I'm sure they invested much blood,sweat and tears into Heirloom so hats off to the Clement's!

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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

My Heirloom order arrived today so I wanted to chime in again.

First off, very quick turn around time, better than last time I remember. Placed order midday Saturday and had it in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

Unfortunately they shipped to my billing address and not my shipping address so that took time out of my day to go retrieve.

However, all 24 roses came in looking great. The packaging was much better since my last order last year. Not a single cane broken whereas last year a third were demolished, upside down, and with soil all over the place. So far so great!

Size wise, still below other own root sources such as Roses Unlimited. I had a potted HT from my RU order handy since I have not planted it due to our heat wave. See below for comparison. It is Camara (an HT) from RU vs Aunt Honey (a shrub) from Heirloom.

Just like last year, I expect these guys to make it through the winter just fine and flourish. No need to hunt down replacements this time as the plants were in much better shape and better packed than my last order from Heirloom.

Thanks for the great roses!

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I just want to update on my order from Heirloom Roses. I bought 4 roses from HR this past end of summer sale: Jude the Obscure, Golden Celebrations, Sharifa Asma, and Lyda Rose. They are doing great. I am really happy with them. I just wonder how others are doing. Below is Jude the Obscure

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Here is Sharifa Asma with two small buds!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

First bloom on our Carefree Sunshine I planted in mid July.
It bloomed 3 weeks after planting...

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Glad to hear everyone's "littles" are doing so well! Mine are too, all of them have put on a ton of growth and the majority are setting buds here and there. "Gitte" is probably the biggest but it's hard to say. Will post a pic tomorrow, working 2nd shift today.
They may be small, but every band I've gotten from them has been healthy and viable so you'll get no complaints from me!

Here's James Galway, who was 6" tall when I got him in April. No matter how I crop the photo it comes up sideways >:-(

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Good experience keep me coming back to this company.

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I know this is an older post but I'll chime in because I just received my greatly anticipated Dublin Bay from Heirloom. I am really disappointed. It's so meager, I'd hoped to see that change with the new ownership reflected in shipment of more substantial specimens. I'm glad it was only $12 as I now plan to gift it to a neighbor for Valentines. I ordered from another source that has always sent me much larger bare roots. The past order I placed with Heirloom in 2012 sent me two of the most meager plants. This Fall I realized I was tired of nursing them along when my larger roses from other sources had put them to shame. I simply don't want to spend 5 years trying to start enjoying roses that come from other sources ready to go and at competitive prices. I'm afraid this was my last go with Heirloom :(

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Rose Toes you can't really put own-root and bareroot in the same category. They are to different. One takes longer to grow, sometime depending on the rose, than the other. If you want larger ownroots you can go with RU. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your experience though. Happy rose gardening to you!

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Dear Rose Toes,

I am sorry to hear that you were not pleased with your purchase. We are committed to providing our customers with an excellent product and strive to exceed expectations. In the winter months, our plants are in a dormant state and will ship with minimal foliage. When planted in a warmer climate, they will put on new growth in just a few short weeks.

We are also in the process of growing larger, 1 gallon plants for customers who are interested in planting a larger rose from the start. Our goal is to provide a large selection of 1 gallon sized roses by this spring. Like all our plants, they will also have a healthy root system, but they will put on more substantial growth in their first year.
We would be happy to make this right as we stand behind all of our plants. We would like to send you a gallon-sized Dublin Bay when itâÂÂs available in the spring. I am confident that youâÂÂll be pleased with what we will begin to offer this year. Thank you for your feedback and we hope youâÂÂll give us the opportunity to add roses to your garden in the future.

Ben Hanna
Owner, Heirloom Roses

Here is a link that might be useful: Heirloom Roses

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Yes Rose Toes -- that was really an unfair post. Heirloom never said they sent "bareroot" sized plants, and you are comparing apples to oranges there. If you want a bareroot, then buy one. There are quite a few vendors, and one I would recommend is S&W Greenhouses, which takes orders for this year up to the middle of next month, or else your local nursery, which probably will have a reasonable selection of field grown bareroot roses at the right time for planting in your area. If you want instant gratification, then, yes, get a bareroot. But understand your selection will be somewhat limited to varieties that are popular now.

Heirloom has always sold "bands," which, really, are just newly-rooted cuttings about 1 year old. For that reason, they have a MUCH bigger selection of available varieties than anyone who could sell "bareroots" at a similar price, as bareroots take two years and much more work and more land to grow. Here it seems you are expecting a bareroot size plant from a vendor that specializes in great variety, at the expense of the size of the product. That's unfair.

I have had good service from Heirloom, always, but I know what I am getting -- a variety that is probably unavailable anywhere else in a small plant that I am going to have to "grow out" for a few years. Patience is a virtue.

Here is a link that might be useful: S&W Greenhouses

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

How nice to see Ben's offer.

My new Christmas band from them is nicely leafing out and I expect will continue to grow and be 5g size before I know.

Expecting a new band to be the size of a barefoot is the issue. If I want a grown out 5g plant from the big nursery south of me between gas and the cost of the plant, it runs about $70 for that 5g. When put in that perspective, one has to expect that a $12 size plant will be smaller than the $70 one.

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Hi kstrong...I don't think my honest and candid remarks are at all unfair. The roses that come from Heirloom are extremely small specimens and anyone who orders from them should be aware of that. I've ordered twice over years of time and it's been the same both times. It will take years to get to the point that you can arrive with a bare root or older potted own root. Hence the purpose and overall point of my post. Unless you really need a own root for whatever reason from Heirloom (special variety, price) then why bother. That's my opinion and I really appreciate the opinions I read before my own without debating them. Looks like I'm not alone in my dissatisfaction with the size of what I've received. And for a common and readily available rose such as Dublin Bay it hardly seems worth the wait. I'm patient but I'm not going to waste years of my time.

Kippy...Thanks, I understand your cost estimate. So many companies ship for free with larger orders these days, I generally order all of my new additions for that reason. $12 was the sale price, it's now back to $17.50 plus $9 in shipping. I'll pay twice that to get back 2-3 or more years of my life.

Ben...thank you for the kind offer. I know you take the feedback seriously. I appreciate the offer very much however I did order from another source. I believe for my gardening goals I can stick to bare roots with most all of the varieties I have an interest in growing. Perhaps your gallon size plants will be of value to some depending on the price and increase in shipping.


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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

If it helps Mary, I have ordered bands from 3 different internet sources the band from Heirloom was neither the smallest or largest but average in size

I would think ups/ usps shipping on that 5g rose would far exceed the price of the plant considerably probably why few potted 5g plants are on the market

For a more common rose like Dublin bay, I would have purchased locally since it is available easily here. Of course it would be grafted and a much older plant for the same price. I have a bunch of larger plants I purchase specifically because they would fill the area quickly for my 90 year old mom. The roses I purchased as bands are special hard to find plants that I was aware would need growing. I am amazed at how quickly some grow. Just weeks ago a forum member sent me a rose that did not like the climate at their location. Just the other day I had to check the tag on the big band that suddenly appeared in with the rest of my cuttings. It was that same small plant! What a surprise to see what a difference a few weeks make

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Kippy...unfortunately there was no DB locally. Not a lot of enthusiasm for roses in my area and I'm not sure why...most of our nurseries have Knock Outs only and I find healthier roses when I order. I did follow kstrong's advice and just ordered from S&W. I am gifting this tiny DB from Heirloom to my neighbor and so, if it does very well, I will enjoy it when I walk my dog by her fence. She has the patience to wait it out having so many more mature roses to enjoy in the meantime

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I received two Wild Edric bands from Heirloom a few weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased. They had no leaves, just tiny leaf buds, but a week later leaves were beginning to sprout and little roots were coming out from the bottom. One is planted in the ground and it's taking off like gangbusters, in spite of its suboptimal location. The second one will be be planted in a good location in the front garden, and I have no doubt that both of them will be blooming this spring.

How nice of you, Ben, to visit with us here. I wish you all the best at Heirloom and look forward to seeing more of the old roses.


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kstrong(10 So Cal)

And actually, since the Dublin Bay from S&W is grafted on Dr. Huey rootstock, and the one from Heirloom is own root, you will get to do a first hand comparison of how these rootstock variations affect the overall growth and habit of the plant over time in your own conditions.

It can be entertaining to compare such things.


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alameda/zone 8

I have been very pleased with my Heirloom orders and wouldn't hesitate to order from them again - I recall years ago when they were really tiny - but still grew well. I was amazed at my last order how large they were and how well they grew. People who order bands need to be aware that they are not the size of bare root roses and understand the difference and not complain of the small size. They are what they are supposed to be - young, rooted roses. I personally love growing out bands, as well as the larger roses too. With the loss of so many rose companies, it is important to support companies like Heirloom who grow so many hard to find roses. If instant gratification is wanted, lots of companies can supply that. With the demise of Vintage Gardens and all their rarities, I am grateful that companies like Heirloom, Rogue Valley, Burlington, Angel Gardens, etc. take the time and effort to grow the rare ones and they should be applauded. They will get my business - my only problem is making beds fast enough to house all these bands in my pot ghetto!

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I try to get my roses from my favorite nurseries close by, if possible, to support the local guys and to start out with more mature plants. I have been ordering some smaller roses to pot up for a big bed IâÂÂm planning in the future, though. I don't want to expand our irrigation system right now and really don't have the time to maintain another big bed with my work schedule, so it will probably be a few years before I break ground on itâ¦hopefully, kids will be self supportive, college costs will be a thing of the past and I will be working less hours by that time. Smaller roses are perfect for thatâ¦I can spread the cost out by collecting them over time and potting them up until I'm ready for them to be planted. In my warm climate, some grow very quickly, thoughâ¦may have to find a place for them before I anticipated I wouldâ¦lol. IâÂÂve also ordered some smaller roses when I was unsure of how they would perform here or when I liked the way one looked in a catalog, but wasnâÂÂt able to find it locally to see it in person. It's easier for me to pot up a small band and wait to see if I actually want to give it a home in the garden than it is for me to plant a larger bush in the ground and end up trying to dig up a monster a few years later. Just really depends on your specific wants or needs. I believe Heirloom is a good source if bands fit your requirements. You just need to be aware of what you are getting. It would be very disappointing if you were expecting a bare root sized rose and received a band sizeâ¦but HeirloomâÂÂs website seems pretty clear about what type roses they will be shipping you.

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vasue(7A Charlottesville)

Ben, very glad to hear you will be offering gallon sizes soon! Years ago decided minimum gallons for new roses here after hit-or-miss success with bands. Kept to that determination until falling off the wagon during your Summer sale last year. Ordered 3 Fryers, a Harkness & Clements' Portlandia, knowing I wouldn't need those roses ready to plant until this Spring or later.

The roses arrived in great shape despite the heat during their travel & acclimated easily. Didn't repot them until Fall & they're overwintering well despite the crazy low temps interspersed with warm days. They're lined up within an old fiberglass windowbox for root protection on a bluestone-flagged protected porch against the house wall where I can easily keep an eye on them. They're beyond the reach of the ice but enjoying the sun. When the nighttime temp was predicted to fall to 4 degrees, upended a large heavyduty cardboard box over them & left it on for two days till the weather warmed to 15. When removing the box, saw they'd actually grown another inch to touch the top of the cardboard.

So they're raring to grow when conditions warm. A belated thank you for such happy roses!

This post was edited by vasue on Thu, Jan 16, 14 at 15:22

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Rosetoes, Edmunds' Roses (edmundsroses.com) has Dublin Bay, which you can order now, bare root and grafted on Dr Huey, which I recommend for a climber. It is $15.95, plus shipping.
As far as prices locally for five gallon pots go, our top nursery here charges $25-30 for five gallon Austins with metal tag, in "official" Austin containers. These are the newest Austins, plus rarer older ones. Non Austin roses in 3-5 gallon containers run from $20-25. These include just about everything else--Meilland (with metal tags), Weeks, etc. Minis are about $15. Diane

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I just wanted to add that I heartily agree with Pat that it's good to support the local nurseries, which I do. I love the larger plants, but most of all I want my local retailers and growers to succeed. And being well into "senior citizenhood", I don't even know if I have five years to wait on a tiny own root plant to mature in this climate.
By the way, if you are in a hurry for a big, beautiful plant, grow Ascot or Augusta Luise--I've never seen such explosive growth in roses around here. Just be sure to provide plenty of space for these two. Diane

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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)

I'd like to way in on this subject of band roses. When I first bought a band rose from Heirloom Roses and got it home I thought what a puny rose for the price. Before too long that little rose became a right nice rose. Trouble with me, I didn't understand what a BAND ROSE was. I order all my roses from Heirloom now with no hesitation. Wondering if some, like I used to be, don't understand what a band rose is. Pembroke

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I have experienced very few bands that took years to grow. Most take off quickly and within two months are a good gallon size, and in one season can be a large plant if potted up into a 3 gal pot. I don't know why anyone is having to wait 3 to 5 years. When you have other mature roses in your garden, it's not like you are deprived.
But I know everyone has a right to their preferences. I like to buy the biggest plants possible but after potting up it usually is not an issue.
Some people like to grow plants from seeds and like to see the smallest possible rose grow in to something beautiful. Anyway roses I've received from Heirloom the past couple of years were quite a nice size , have done very well, and are by no means punier than other band sized roses. Another plus is the durable, easy to read tag they put on them.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

What a nice photo Heirloom posted today.

Would be nice if they listed the roses, but sure is pretty

Here is a link that might be useful: FB

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I do not mind the small roses at all! I like that Heirloom Roses has economical shipping rates. I can buy the variety of rose that I want much cheaper that I can buy a rose I don't want from a local big box store. My only complaint is wanting some of the rare roses that only they carry that happen to be out of stock, and Heirloom Roses does not have any plans to restock. I am currently begging them to please send a cutting my way for one that I am longing for like a lovestruck teenager.

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nancylee2(Z10 Gaviota Coast)

Heirloom has a wish list capability that I really like. I wonder if they can use that list to determine which of the rare and hard to find roses, like some of the Eurodesert roses, have customers in wait? I don't know if Annie's Annuals does that, but they do take the wish list concept one step further and send an email when your wish list item is back in stock.

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Nancylee2 and others,

I would like to let you know that we have made some major improvements to our website, many of these changes have been in response to the suggestions and comments we have received from our customers on this blog. Thank You!

Some of the changes are:
⢠Shipping INCLUDED in all products
⢠âÂÂBack-in-stockâ notifications to inform you of when your favorite rose is back.
⢠More mobile friendly so you can read articles, browse photos, and shop on the go.
⢠More high-resolution photos. We added more than 5,000 new photos to help our customers get an accurate picture of how a rose looks and grows.
⢠Customers can upload their own rose photos.
⢠As always, we still offer TAX-FREE shopping.

In addition to the website changes we have increase the number of gallon sized plants that we are offering.

Remember, if you see something you want that is out of stock, sign up to be notified when it is back in stock.

Ben Hanna
Owner, Heirloom Roses

Here is a link that might be useful: Heirloom Roses

This post was edited by BenHanna on Tue, Sep 30, 14 at 13:33

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Mr. Hanna, Might you in the future consider custom propagation of roses for which there is no large demand? Naturally I would expect to pay substantially more for a special order, just as I have done for custom propagation from other nurseries.

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I would be happy to talk with you about this. I have sent you an e-mail to follow up.


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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

I love the idea of flat priced roses ! How nice to be able to order just one , or 5 and know what you are paying before you total it all up. Sometimes I didn't want to order because I felt I needed to order a few to get my monies worth of shipping . Now no need to even think of that .
And 25$ is sometimes below my local nursery charge for roses I am not even interested in!
Thanks for alerting us to the changes and I'm going to stArt working on my Christmas Wish list now ! :)

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