Size of Mature Buddleia White Bouquet

linlily(z5/6PA)September 15, 2011

My next door neighbor bought a White Bouquet this year and the plant looks very tiny next to her Pink Delight. The foliage is a different color, more of a grey-green and it is very small compared to other Buddleias in the neighborhood. The habit is more bushy right now too.

I have no experience with White Bouquet but my Royal Red, Dubbonet, Pink Delight, and species seedling are huge plants with big leaves. Does anyone here grow this particular variety and how big does it get compared to other BBs?


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I grow a white buddleia I bought from Bluestone Perennials--my notes say it's 'White Ball' rather than White Bouquet. I bought it specifically because it's a dwarf form and I wanted something small. It's definitely dwarf. It grows just about 2 ft. tall each year, blooms well but is so unimpressive, I often forget it's there. Black Knight is growing at the opposite end of the same bed and it grows to 6 ft. by 5 ft. every year. Can't say I'm impressed with the dwarf BB.

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Thanks for responding, gardenweed. I posted here because I was getting sizes that were not consistant from the googling I did. One site would say that White Bouquet grows to 6 feet tall, and another said that is a more compact variety - whatever that means?????

Anyone else have White Bouquet in their garden?


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At same age, if annualy cut to the ground White Bouquet is as large as Royal Red that is larger than Pink Delight.

One consistant source for size is Longstock Nursery listing:

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