First Time WS... Snapdragons, lunaria, cleome... Help?

david883(5/6)March 24, 2013

So this is my first year WSing. I planted some perennial seeds a few weeks ago (which thus far are doing NOTHING). Its still pretty cold here in MI for being the end of March. We've barely hit 40 most of the time. Last year at this time everything was springing up and growing full force. Anyway... I have seeds I purchased for a few annuals and I'm wondering if its too early to get started on these. A few (noted below) I already started... but literally just put them out this morning. Any advise or insight anyone can offer would be extremely appreciated. I really want to make sure I do all this right and end up with plants at the end of the process instead of just well cared for dirt lol

-Lunaria (money plant) (did yesterday)
-Snapdragons, bronze chantilly (did yesterday)
-Forget-me-nots (did yesterday)
-Chinese Lantern Plant (did yesterday)
-Oriental Poppies, brilliant (did yesterday)
-Queen Cleome, violet (did yesterday)
-Various lettuces

I assume the snapdragons, money plant and lantern plants will be okay this early but not sure.

Thanks again!

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I am also in Michigan! Yes the weather is being a real bummer! I am also a first time WSer. But from all that I've researched what you have done so far will be just fine. The seeds know when to come up and I don't think any of those are tender.

I am not an expert but I think you are fine to sow the other items now as well. Just make sure you have your containers closed if we are going to get a hard frost.

Good luck! Hope it all grows great for you.

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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

They'll be fine. Lunaria is a biennial hardy to zone 4a. Chinese lantern plant is a perennial hardy to zone 2a. My snapdragons from last year are still alive and putting up new growth in the snow. You can plant the rest of your list now if you want to.

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Thanks to you both! I actually have the containers in a mini-green house I picked up from Lowes. Hopefully this works out ha ha!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

David, how did you do with your Bronze Chantilly Snapdragons two years ago? I'm sowing seed for that this year and I wondered.

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