What's best way to compost meat and dairy

a1234qwerNovember 16, 2008

I use worm bins for my kitchen scraps. I want to compost my meat and dairy waste. What is the best method? Surfing the net I found some info on bokashi composting. Is bokashi the best method for composting meat and dairy? If bokashi is the best method where could I buy a bokashi bin or could I make one? Thanks for any replies.

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

I put stuff like that in my tumbler with lots of browns.

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I'm with Gerri on this one, tumblers are the best way for me. Enclosed, up off the ground, no animal/varmints concerns. Wouldn't know bokashi if one bit me on the leg.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I just bury them into one of my regular compost piles. If they are well covered - no problem. Do you have regular compost piles/bins or just vermi bins?

Like Lloyd said bokashi composting, while I have heard of it, isn't on my To Do list. ;) There are some past discussions here about it tho that I linked below for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bokashi discussions

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I compost meat and dairy in my outside worm bed - no problem.

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I've put dug both meat and dairy in to the middle of hot piles with no unpleasant odors or pest problems.

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Get a dog for the meat. Talk about disposal. But then, you still have to get rid of the stuff once it comes from the other end. . .

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We will add small quantities of meats, cut very fine, to our compost piles occassionally with no problems. Whether adding the same thing to a worm bed, vermicomposting, is good or not I have no idea since I do not vermicompost. Most everything I have read about the Bokashi method is just way too much work to mess with.

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I compost fish carcasses and critter carcasses once cleaned as well. Bury them deep, after turning the pile and the will all but disappear. Some bones will remain, but it's all good. Timo

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I threw a whole frozen turkey in mine a few months ago. My mom found it in her "big" freezer and didn't know when she bought it, so into my pile it went. I did make sure that I covered it and got my rather cold pile to heat up a bit. I turned my pile this weekend and there was no sign of it. Raccoons?, bear? or microbes?

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I put a rotten chicken carcass in my compost pile one time. All of a sudden, little baby flies started to appear ALL over my house, I must have killed 50 in one day. Not sure if those two incidences can be correlated, but I'm not taking any chances.

I really want to try bokashi sometime. The bran that is required can be bought pretty cheaply. The problem is that the bucket and the innoculant can be pretty expensive and call for things like ceramic powder and stuff. I'm pretty sure all of those can be obtained or made cheaply, but I'm just not sure how

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Well, when I was composting at the school I found that the mass of my piles really help the food to get digested by the all the lil microbes and or composting worms which (by the way) only come around, funny enough, when its freezing out, as soon as summer temps hit in Maryland they fly the coop, so to speak. so mass and moister and air that's all you need to compost ANYTHING
it all leads back to compost

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I think the best and cleanest ways to compost meat and dairy is to use the NatureMill automatic composter. It's the only non-commercial composter that I found that can compost meat and dairy without attracting pests, flies, rats, raccoons, etc. It uses electricity to heat, aerate, and mix the compost. It even has a charcoal filter for the odor.

At first, I was a little offended when I learned that it used electricity. But I found out that it used very little electricity, cost less than a dollar a month to use it. It's much better than throwing away the meat and dairy and let it go to landfill. Or even worst, throw away all the kitchen scraps, let it go to landfill and then buy fertilizer for the plants.

I brought one six months ago and I have been using it to compost all of my kitchen scraps (yes, including meat and dairy). I'm pretty happy with my compost which my plants love. Also, ever since I start composting my kitchen scraps, I have less trash odor in my kitchen.

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Search for Joraform JK125 composter!

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Whenever an unfamiliar name pops up, recommending some product, I check to see how long they've been registered on GardenWeb. Why can't I click on nelusantinelu, above? Can spammers get on without registering?

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

I just compost those things along with the rest of the compost, in my regular pile.

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Meat, dairy & pet poop are three thing I never compost.
But the tumbler sounds like the best bet to me.

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connie_cola(DE 7)

It is odd that both of the posters have no link to their member pages like the rest of us do AND that both are promoting products by name. Moderators is this suspicious to you, too?

Posted by
CompostMaster CA
(missysunshine@excite.com) on
Fri, Jul 17, 09 at 15:13

Posted by
(yonutza@k.ro) on
Fri, Jan 21, 11 at 4:35

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connie_cola(DE 7)

Hey! They do not have member pages, either!
What's going on here?????

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take an old garbage can, drill a bunch of holes in it all around, dig a hole the same size as the can, put the can in the hole and fill in the dirt around it. Make sure the lid is just about 2 inches about ground level. Put in all the yucky stuff like meat, dairy, spoiled cassarole from the fridge, etc....
Put the lid on it securely and it will compost without odor (except when you open it to add more), without pests, flies or other related problems. It has been working for me.

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The easiest way I found is to bury these items directly into the ground. This way you won't have to worry about animals in your pile or unpleasant odors. I bury meat and dairy 1 to 2 feet deep in the ground depending on the size. The nutrients find their way directly into the soil and you never see the item again.

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Here in the south we have black soldier flies which drop eggs that hatch into voracious larvae. I put my meat products and pet wastes (any any other objectionable type waste) into a garbage can and the BSFL tear it up. Of course the resulting compost is NOT used on my veggies.

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I know CompostMaster is a member (has been since July '09) and I've seen previous posts. GW had this type of issue (member name could not be clicked on and full e-mail was displayed) before, it was a software issue.

This is more of an open forum than the Froup.


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connie_cola(DE 7)

Sorry. Lloyd you're right. CompostMaster has been a member for a while - all 3 of her posts are from Fri, Jul 17, 09. Good to know. Thanks.

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"This is more of an open forum than the Froup. "

Yeah, but the froup got very political and almost exclusively extremist political, so I (for one) stopped visiting. Maybe I'm the only one.

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