Deciduous Dogwood (Cornus Capitata)

Tommygun66August 11, 2014

I have two of these trees in my garden and despite all the beautiful pictures I have seen on the web mine look nothing like this. They are tall (approx. 10M) and very leggy with limited foliage only appearing on the highest branches. There is not a single lateral branch on the trunk below 6 metres. The previous owners haven't looked after them and they have probably been starved of water & have been planted in a shady position - hence their leggy nature. Aside from creating more light I want to know if I can hard prune these back in the winter to approx. 6M or 2/3.Its fairly drastic but otherwise the trees have no shape and sparce foliage.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a picture would be worth a thousand words... if i understand your premise.. you want to 'top' a 30 foot plus tree.. to about 18 feet ... i just cant conceptualize such.. w/o a pic ...

and probably get you an ID ... if your ID might be off ... are you sure on it???

you might mention in future posts.. that you are in Australia ...


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georgeinbandonoregon(z9 OR)

FWIW, c. capitata is normally an evergreen dogwood and rather tender below zone 8. it has sometimes been "confused" by both taxonomists and nursery people as a form of c. kousa (a deciduous species) and with the usually evergreen but hardier c. kousa ssp. angustata (aka c. angustata OR c. elliptica). in any case, if you have a leggy tree, you MIGHT have the result of trees being planted too close together and the resulting competition for both space and light making the trees tall and sparse and/or not enough summer water causing drought stress (all these plants come from summer wet areas of china and japan). hope this helps. good luck.

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