Sprouts Finally !!

lilykit64(5)March 24, 2013

I have my first jug sprouting. Lupines planted 1/27/2013 ....jug # 116. Many of my jugs are still covered in snow and in fact the Lupine jug has snow inside it but the sprouts are coming up anyway. I think we are turning the corner finally here in NH to Spring.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Congrats on the lupines. Still waiting on mine for some reason, even though many others have decided to show including some marigolds.

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I planted out about 30 jugs at my sons school and about the same number in my backyard. The school jugs used Promix, I used a different brand (available at my local Menards) to do mine because I couldnt find the promix initially. As far as I can tell the potting medium, and any microclimate differences, are the only differences between the two sites. They are even using my same seeds!

The school has sprouts on spinach, lettuce and more. I have ZERO sprouts in any of my containers, including traditional early risers, like mache. How are the other Z5ers doing? Am I alone in my sproutless sadness?

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