Katsura/Magnolia planting with dogs

reeko05August 20, 2014

Hello everyone,
I have been learning so much since joining this great forum. I recently purchased a 10ft Katsura single stem and a 8 foot magnolia clump. I am picking these up this Friday. These are going in my yard to replace an ash that was lost to the EAB. My rotties are both males who mark the entire yard with urine. When I cut the Ash down, the lower 2 feet of the trunk was slightly bleached white, I am guessing from urine.

What do you suggest I do to protect my new trees? If I put up fencing, how far from the trunk should it be? Will there still be an issue with the dogs marking the protective fence? Also what type of fence should I get, I am debating between the mesh orange one or the have a solid black plastic with wooden stakes. Thanks guys!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

6 foot wide mulched area with secure fencing around each. The bigger area you can provide that the dogs can not soil the better, any ground where trees are trying to grow that is constantly peed on may become unsuitable. However, if the ash was able to grow well and develop some size that may indicate situation is acceptable.

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Thank you. I will fence off 6ft of area and mulch. Also, when I water, I have heard 2 different ways. 1 inch of water slow trickle once a week at the base of trunk. The other is the same, 1 inch but further from trunk to encourage root growth. Thanks guys

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

At first, water the rootball it came in, since that's where the roots actually ARE.

The second season you can move it out a bit.

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Thanks, I will update with pictures. I am so excited. This is the first set of trees my wife and I will of planted.

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Of course the day I pick to take time off work, rent a truck etc, it rains to where we flooded a little last night. Ground was muddy and hard to dig. Had to dig about 6a feet diameter and 2 feet down by hand in what feels like 100 humidity, yuck. It is done though and looks great. I planted at the root flare. The tree sits perfectly flush on the high side of my slope but higher on the downside. I built the dirt up a little on the downside to minimize down slope. The nursery told me it's better to plant a little shallow than a little deep. I think all in all I did a good job for my first time. I had to hire people off Facebook garage sale to help me get tree off the home Depot truck. Quite an adventure. The magnolia is next tomorrow.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Thats a nice Katsura, good pick. Keep it well watered until established but don't keep it wet.

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Whaas any tips for watering? Just bought a bubbler

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I am hoping someone can help me. I purchased a Gilmour Bubbler attachment for the end of my hose for watering. This allows my hose to be at full power and doesnt disturb or disperse the soil. Last night I placed it 6 inches from the trunk of the tree and let it run for 15 minutes full power, and moved to the other side of tree for 15 minutes full power.

Is it better to move the bubbler all around the tree, or just leave it next the the trunk and let it flood? I really dont want to screw this up. I keep reading but havent really seen anyone describe using a bubbler and having the hose at full power and watering times. I am guessing a 5 gallon bucket would fill in about 1 minute. The trunk is 3 inches in diameter. So I have read 30 gallons of water is needed weekly. If my math is correct, that means 6 minutes of watering is all i need? This is why I am so confused

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

They say watering is an art not a science.

Yes leave your bubbler run slowing so it doesn't run off or flood for a couple hours once a week if mother nature doesn't provide you with water.

A well known agreed upon measure is to simply stick your finger in the soil a few inches. If it feels moist leave it be. If its starting to dry more along the lines of slightly damp its time to water. Do this through fall.

Come spring your plant should be on its own. Perhaps providing a more widespread watering during dry periods but again temp, humidity and your soil temp will determine how much watering you need.

If planted properly b&b roots within one season. Then established in two to three seasons.

This is my favorite watering tool for the first few seasons. You can control water volume, how far it goes and how wide it goes. Great during droughty periods in which you can control under the drip line of a tree. To me having a hose trickle at the base of an ESTABLISHED tree is the dumbest thing I've heard of. You only do this for new plantings.

Lastly just relax its a tree's job to grow its what they do.


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Thank you very much. That makes it nice and easy. One last question. When I planted the tree, I removed the burlap sack and string holding it on. When I took it off, I rubbed my finger on the top to find the root collar. The root collar was right near the top, so I left it be. When I planted the tree, I did NOT add any more soil to the top of the root ball. I should be ok with that correct? My thinking was I didnt want to cover the root collar. Thanks

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Perfectly fine, just make sure you have soil contacting the vertical sides of the ball. Some people like to create a slight moat around the ball to help contain water.

You have a nice tree, with a solid branching structure and appear to have done your homework for planting. time to enjoy just give it water when it needs it and it will reward you with shade and fantastic fall color. Top 10 tree no doubt.

Your tree will likely color up early as it appears to be doing, don't worry about that one bit.

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The leaves on the lower branches have turned a little brown on the outside of the leaves. Hope all is good

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I will post a couple pictures of the tree. Looks like the leaves aren't doing too well. The weather here has been a little severe. Getting rains with 2 inches downfall, about to have a severe storm now with 60mph winds, hope it does OK. Let me K of what you think of pictures.

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One more closeup

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Here are the leaves, any idea why their browning? We have been getting a lot of rain daily here in northern Illinois.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Dig inside the root-ball, you will probably find it is dry.

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Thanks, will deep water today

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