HELP!!!! Dogwood with anthracnose

gardenapprenticeAugust 4, 2013

Last April my aunt brought a Cornus Florida dogwood, planted in full sun. It had a very minor case of spot anthracnose. I usually take care of it, but I left for vacation for 2 months with some family still at home, I came back yesterday to find the tree have full fledged anthracnose on at least 90% of the tree, the crown is possibly dead, but alas I see some buds forming for next years growth, at this point, what should I do for this tree? I have no clue as if my aunt will get a new one ( this is her first time with dogwoods)

Note: Since I see the buds forming will the leaves look the same as this years leaves or if the weather is more pleasant will the leaves at most have slight anthracnose, and what can I do to get rid of the anthracnose

I will post pics tommorrow hopefully

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Sad to say, there's very little that can be done once an anthracnose infection has reached the extent indicated in your post. If you've experiencing a cooler and wetter than normal spring/summer like much of the southeast, you've had ideal conditions for fungal infection. Probably you need to resign yourself to the loss of this tree. Replanting with an anthracnose resistant variety plus preventative spraying is likely your best course.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the only thing i can offer.. is to suggest that you post some pix...

and confirm your ID of the problem ... i dont understand how you say the crown is dead.. but budding out.. which leads me to think.. just maybe.. the ID is off ....

and if you mean this last april.. what does the seller have to say about it .... other than trying to sell you cures ... of which i would not spend money...


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Akamain: thx for the help, I can part with it, because once it dies we will get a new one early spring.

Ken: the tree is c Florida, we haven't talked to the seller we probably only had a one year guarantee, last April when it had spot anthracnose I did not know what it was and thought it was fine, when I said the crown was dead I meant the leaves are all off and I don't see any buds formed

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