Desert Tree Seedlings

Bob_7(9a)August 6, 2014

I have been growing Desert Tree Seedlings in SC10 Cone-tainers. Has anyone used these? How tall can Tree Seedlings get before they need to be mover to larger containers? What would be the best soil media to use?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

could you give us a latin name on the tree you are talking about ...

google fails me .. and in fact points me to an apartment in el paso ... lol .. and then.. broadly.. a list of trees that grow in the desert ....

i usually make said determination.. by pulling a seedling out of its pot.. and looking at the root mass... and then deciding it is well enough developed to be up potted ...


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Thanks! Ken
I live in the Desert near Phoenix, but grow Trees from other Deserts also. Mesquites, Ironwood, Ebony, Desert Mountain Laurel, Desert Redbuds, I could look up the Botanical s, but
not just certain Trees. They use a Planting Dibble for the SC10's but I would think you would need a tight root system to do that. Would Triple 20, be a good fertilizer for the fastest growth?

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