Oh no--sprouts!

lovesblooms(7a)March 5, 2014

On 2/25 I planted some scarlet flax (among others) in the basement, which has hovered between 40 and 50 all winter. I wasn't able to bring them outdoors, and today when I went to bring them out finally, I found lots of sprouts.

Should I bring them out and just leave the top on (they're in a green plastic soda bottle cut the same way I did the plastic milk jugs)? Or keep them indoors until...? It's supposed to get warmer next week, and I'm expecting more containers may sprout around then, but at least it would be natural since they're outdoors...

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Welp, yesterday I brought everything out--including the scarlet flax sprouts by mistake. I only remembered later and then thought, well, we'll see. Not like I don't have anything to replace them. Last night we had a low in the late teens. I went out this morning and checked--the babies are still standing straight, their seed coats still hanging on like little caps on the cotelydons. No sign of damage.

I'll keep an eye on them and see whether the succession of warm days/freezing nights in store for us over the coming week or so does anything, good or bad.

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