Watch this, and then tell me what's the point of fencing trees

ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)August 4, 2014

to protect them from voles? Because after seeing this video, I believe there is no point.

Here is a link that might be useful: Voles on rose bush

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My wife has tried everything to keep voles from eating her hostas, only one thing has worked - dry ice. We dropped dry ice pellets down the entrance holes to the burrows, and the carbon dioxide, being heavier than air, sank to the lowest points and suffocated them.

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I would'nt know where to get dry ice if I wanted it.

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Poaky - many supermarkets and bait shops sell it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

They look more like mice to me, with those long tails....and after the bird feeder.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey ilove ...

i remember.. way back.. when you first popped on the scene .. telling you that life/reality ... in the garden .... is not a disney movie ...

since then .. you have been inundated with marauding rabbit hordes... crikey.. bears ... and now you see this ... lol ...

are you starting to understand.. what i meant by what i said back when ...

i continue to enjoy your wonderment about learning in your garden ...


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ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)

I agree, rhizo, they look like regular mice, not voles, as most voles have very short tails.

Thanks, Ken, for your comments about enjoying my wonderment about all things planting.

My dh killed a small garter snake the other day in our backyard. While we know that garter snakes eat voles, we don't want snakes to begin living in our yard either.

He didn't know that the snake was there when he was weed-eating up against one of our fences protecting our shrubs. The snake freaked out, jumped into view and tried to get away, but dh killed him. Dh has a fear of snakes, the way I do about spiders. It really was funny seeing dh's reaction towards the snake, even after it was dead. He was spooked!

We're going to get dry ice and put it under our porch. While we believe we've killed all the voles in our yard recently, by placing a mouse trap at their entrance hole under our porch.

One vole tried so hard to get out of the trap, that it dragged the trap an impressive distance! The only thing that was stuck in the trap was its tiny foot, but it died anyway. Still, we're going to use dry ice come this fall, just to be sure we got them all.

After losing 11 shrubs last winter I am not about to lose my baby maple trees or shrubs. I am prepared for battle this time!

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Lazygardens, Maybe dry ice is available in Pheonix, AZ, but not in bumkintown, Pa here. I would say a music store, may know where. I am thinking rock bands may use it. Pittsburgh would be the closest place. About 60 miles from me. I am not going to buy any, I just got into the conversation. Well, there aren't many rock bands playing anymore, just crappy recording artists who don't write or play anything THEY wrote........

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