Dwarf Tulip Trees?

wigard(5b)August 30, 2012

We live on a river with apartments across from us. What we want to do is plant a row of trees that give us some privacy, and our intention is to trim the branches up high enough to be able to see the river without seeing the apartments. We initially were thinking about a couple large trees, but don't want to invade the lawn space that much, so instead are looking at putting in more, smaller trees that each give us about 15 feet or so of spread. One variety we have been hearing about is called a dwarf tulip tree. Does anyone have experience with those, and how quick they grow, how much it takes to maintain them, etc? If you don't recommend that tree, what would *you* recommend? Advice appreciated! We want to get whatever we choose planted this Fall.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

There has been one named 'Ardis' but I don't know if anyone is selling it. And if you plant a mini version like this you are not likely to be getting much screening for some time, it being likely to be found as small, short (unless top-grafted) probably comparatively pricey specimens in small quantities - your mention of limbing up suggests you are really after something of more normal initial size and vigor. Maybe something that is quick to develop but not liable to grow real large, such as some kind of flowering crabapple or crape myrtle (not remembering your regional location as I type this).

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Keep in mind too that full-sized trees do, in one sense, take up less yard space, not more, as compared to smaller-growing ornamental species. The large "shade tree" will at maturity consist of only its trunk down at human activity level while the low-growing fl. crab or whatever will have all of its crown at this same level.

I say this here a lot! LOL


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

It not all that dwarf but non the less smaller than the species.

Liriodendron tulipiferia 'Little Volunteer'

I have a species plant, gotta say its one of my favorite trees on my property right now.

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